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jindal-inaugJindal puts on debate game face with Planned Parenthood, Sanctuary City remarks

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is putting on his campaign game face.

Monday, 03 August 2015 14:01

louisiana-legislatureby Stephen Waguespack, President and CEO of LABI

It's almost time to turn the page.

There are times throughout every year where we just have to move on to a different phase. While it can be tempting at times to assume that change will never happen – as the saying goes – we know it is, in fact, inevitable. The end of summer and the promise of fall bring a unique collection of challenges and opportunities. 

Monday, 03 August 2015 13:12

by Lou Gehrig Burnettangelle

Money in the governor’s race
    They say money can’t buy happiness, but perhaps it can buy an office on the 4th Floor of the state capitol – in other words, the governor’s office.
    Campaign finance reports are in with the amount spent and the amount on hand of the four major candidates in the governor’s race.  Here are the reports, which includes activity through July 16:


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 saints-linebackerby Jim W. Miller

To my thinking, there is one player in Saints camp who is in the best position to make a major difference in the team’s fortunes this season. The player is rookie first round pick Stephone Anthony of Clemson. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying. I didn’t say the position was the most important on the team. That obviously is the quarterback position, which was adequately filled last season and, presumably, will again this year by perennial Pro Bowler Drew Brees. I am saying that the inside linebacker position is the position that has the biggest need for an upgrade, and Anthony just might be the man to do it. 

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new-orleans-tourismAccording to the personal-finance website, while at the, new Orleans is the 45th best city to live in. This ranking includes 62 cities, thus, New Orleans is ranked on the lower tier.



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