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Welcome to the New Bayou Buzz's ad-services.

We hope you enjoy our content.

In addition to our news content and unique-and revolutionary videos, we also offer a medley of web ad, promotional opportunities and services. They are: 

Powerful Google Services--Social media, video, hangouts, gmail, Google apps, webinars, webcasts, more

Ad-Advertorials--Text, images, links, videos and messaging

Video Branding--Incredible videos and links to connect your brand to content

Expresso Buzz--Explosive short-term promotions on steroids

Advertising--Text, banner, video, advertorials, newsletter, more

Event Videos--Memorable videos of your event, gala, celebration

Exclusive Content--Our Gold, Silver and Google  subscription services                                                                                       
Google Political Services--Social media, video, hangouts, gmail, Google apps,   webinars, webcasts focus on politics, government and issue-oriented promotions



google buzz

Bayoubuzz's Google Service

Get your business "buzzing" with Google hangout and G+, Google apps and more







Bayoubuzz's ad-advertorial "special" 

Unique combo of advertorials and ads


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Video player branding

Promotional videos with valuable player links








Our Expresso Buzz

Need to blast off with online promotions? 


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Want to advertise with Bayoubuzz?

Great exposure, rates and opportunities 






Bayoubuzz events videos

Memorialize your galas, events, meetings with our video


Paid Exclusive Content (Members only)

Our Gold, Silver and Google  subscription exclusive membership services

Members only Gold and Silver content and opportunities

Members only Google content and opportunities 


Google Political Services

Social media, video, hangouts, gmail, Google apps,  webinars, webcasts, more