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Thursday, 24 March 2016 18:26
Hard to swallow the "red meat" from Louisiana Republican Party staff, now-a-days
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red meatAh, the red meat of politics.  It's getting harder and harder to swallow it when it is coming from the  Louisiana Republican Party staff, now-a-days.  

Some background, first:

On Monday, I received an email from the LAGOP that appeared to beg for money while suggesting that Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards was solely responsible for raising our taxes by one billion in eight minutes.

We published the story about this, but noted that the Republican Party controls the Louisiana House and the Louisiana Senate. In fact, they have controlled it for four of the last eight years and most importantly, during a period in which Governor Bobby Jindal destroyed the state's budget by tyrannically ripping off of the state for his own pleasure.

Louisiana Republican and Democratic Parties take aim over John Bel Edwards, veto and taxes

Today, the Advocate published an article about the same issue. They interviewed the executive director who amazingly said, "it is all on John Bel Edwards", meaning, Edwards is totally at fault.

The Times Picayune then published an article about the same issue and criticized the party staff.

The Louisiana Republican Party, followed up later today and issued this e-missive, citing the TP and Advocate stories:

When the press starts attacking you, you know you are doing the right thing.

"response to our last email asking people to donate $5 to help us fight the Edwards tax-increases was amazing. The Times-Picayune picked up on this success and chastised us for fighting back against the Edwards tax-increases. Then, the Advocate came after usno less than three times for standing up to Edwards.

The press believes that you should accept these tax increases. We don’t work for the media elite. We work for the people of Louisiana.

They are ready for action, and the Louisiana GOP is leading the fight. We still need your help –if you haven’t already, join this fight and make your donation to the LA GOP.

Remember, at the end of the last legislative session, they passed $1 billion in new taxes in just 8 minutes.

In the time it took them to tax your pay you can fight back with the LA GOP.

Make your contribution today.

Jason Dorè
Executive Director Republican Party of Louisiana

So, let's review. Some in the media are not the only people that believe these taxes were necessary--as the Republican staff wants us to believe. The Republican members of the House and the Senate had twenty-five days in the recent legislative session to find cuts and not raise taxes. Instead, because of the urgency of the situation, they decided to raise taxes along with the Democrats. They both made cuts. In fact, some Republicans (not all) continued to defend corporate exemptions from sales taxes instead of cutting them. By giving these exemptions to their buddies, they continue to expand the budget shortfall, which turned out to be seventy million dollars for this current year, alone.

In fact, the Americans For Prosperity AFP, an anti-tax conservative group funded by the Koch Brothers issued its own report card today and quite frankly, virtually the entire legislature failed because of their voting record of taxes. Not just democrats. Republican after republican got failing marks. Why? Because, they did what needed to be done. Even LABI's Stephen Waguespack, the President and CEO, promoted raising sales taxes, in fact, he wanted to do it on two pennies, and not just one.But, true to form, the leadership of the Louisiana Republican Party, instead of being embarrassed for misleading its own members and the public about the role of its own members, decided to throw out raw meat. Instead of sharing in the blame for the "crime" of raising taxes, it did what it does best and often. It did a Trump. It scapegoated. It blamed the media.

Yes, they hit their favorite and easy target. Instead of the LAGOP staff saying honestly and openly, "you know, our former governor and our own members greatly contributed to a 3 billion-dollar-deficit and given the circumstances, we had to raise taxes, something we did not want to do", they attacked the messenger (the media) for exposing the party staff for incredulity.

Keep in mind, in the eight years of their favorite son, former candidate for US president, Bobby Jindal, the state budget deficit increased by four billion dollars since he inherited a one billion dollar surplus (in fairness, not all the blame goes to Jindal, either. Oil price drops have not helped with the budget demise).

Instead of being honest, and admitting that the state must find ways to control spending and raise revenues, the LAGOP staff fed their members more red meat. It blasted the media, blamed only the democrats, gave cover to its own legislators for their own contributions to the problem and yes, raised a few sheckles from those wanting simple answers to complex problems.

And you want to know why it's getting harder and harder to swallow the red-meat from the Louisiana Republican Party staff, now-a-days?  

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