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Add Elizabeth Warren to Donald Trump's women's hit list, does it help?
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Add Elizabeth Warren to the growing list of women that Donald Trump has branded this primary season.  And the online twitter match continues.

Trump has taken on Megan Kelly of Fox News, Hillary Clinton (of course) and Massachusetts US Senator Elizabeth Warren.  The fight with Warren has heated up, once again.

This time, Trump has labelled Warren, a democrat, as “goofy”.

In a recent speech, Trump said that “crooked Hillary” has this friend, named Elizabeth Warren….”she’s a goofus”

He also claimed once again that Hillary Clinton is playing the woman card and that without that, nobody would vote for her.

Keep in mind, it is not that Warren is simply sitting on the sideline being mum.  Her twitter account has been "hot" with her own attacks against the Republican presumptive presidential nominee.

The question to ask, however, with Trump having such negatives with women, does he win by attacking women, even if he is merely counter-attacking after being hit first.


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Lately, events have turned somewhat militaristic.

Some protectors of the Confederate monuments have been staying vigilant, in person and online, even surveilling during the wee hours of the morning, waiting for the next Mayor Landrieu attack. On Sunday morning, with protections of snipers, masked workers and a dumbstruck audience, the worst of all of the monuments was cut and carried., the Liberty Monument. 

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