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Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Comey, cop shootings dramas lavishly give Trump a brake
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trump engineby Sarah Whalen


Hear that noise?

That is the giant screeching sound of America’s presidential election machinery being ground to a halt.

That is the sound of Donald Trump’s foes struggling to put the brakes on his runaway, historic candidacy.


What’s causing this? Could it be because Hillary Clinton is losing?

One day, the FBI Director has a press conference proclaiming Hillary is too incompetent to be a criminal, but that shouldn’t stop her from running for president. James Comey’s “take” on why he wouldn’t charge Hillary with wrongdoing is basically a comedy show: Hillary’s so dumb, she doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer, let alone “wipe” one.

You know– funnystuff.

And just days earlier, journalists caught Hillary’s impeached and disbarred husband, Bill Clinton, sneaking onto U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s private plane to have a little talk– not about the FBI’s “Hillary” investigation, but about the grandchildren and golf games.

You know– funnystuff.

But then, before James Comey’s mealy-mouthed mastications about why Hillary was too dumb to be prosecuted could saturate the air waves and head for the Sunday news shows....


Just as America awakened to the realization that the FBI says Hillary Clinton’s too incompetent to be president– oh, wait, I mean, “a criminal”-- or else both Hillary and the FBI are corrupt, America suddenly was awash in a wave of deadly cops-versus-civilians racial violence.

And the momentum of the U.S. presidential election came to a “Schreeeeeeeeetch!”ing halt.

Funny how these “Schreeeeeeeeetch!”ing moments just pop right up when Hillary needs them.

Before the general public could ask the FBI, “How stupid is she?,” shots were fired.

In Louisiana, Alton Sterling, a large, strong black bootleg DVD salesman with a felony record was reportedly menacing passers-by with a gun. Two white cops tackled him. Two tasings failed to subdue the thrashing gunman as he struggled for the restraining cop’s taser, went for the cop’s gun and went for his own gun.

Police shot him point blank– all on camera.

The public wondered whether something less deadly might have been done to subdue him. And Socialist Bernie Sanders’s socialist supporters lost not a moment flying in to little Baton Rouge to push people into the streets to protest.

And then, the news narrative turned to Minnesota, where an African American couple driving with a little four-year-old girl in the back seat were stopped by police reportedly seeking two armed robbers. The male driver, Philandro Castile, a school cafeteria worker, just happened to have a handgun nearby him in the car. And marijuana. What happened next? According to Philandro’s paramour-passenger, Diamond Reynolds aka “Lavish,” the white policeman just off and shot Philandro for no good reason. Just because Castile tried to reach for his wallet in his pocket. Which was not too far away from his gun. Or did Reynolds reach over herself?

Nothing has been said yet about why the couple was carrying the gun.

But videos made by Reynolds herself, before Philandro’s shooting, give some insight: These show Reynolds smoking enormous, long, droopy “blunts” of marijuana in Philandro’s car, while the doomed Philandro drives, angry rap music thumps and blasts, and Reynold’s cheerful daughter chirps away in the back seat. Reynolds videos her breasts, her crotch– all barely covered by the skimpiest of clothing, and her tongue-stud. She tells us how sexy she believes herself to be. She puts the blunt into her lipsticked mouth like it was one of those infamous cigars Bill Clinton used to tease Monica Lewinsky with.


In another Reynold’s-posted video, she smokes a blunt, strokes herself and guzzles booze from a bottle while her little daughter in the background sagely scolds: “You always at home doin’ nothin’.”

Reynolds quickly captured the gravely-wounded Castile bleeding out on her cellphone, streaming it live on Facebook, where it outraged the world.

People wondered whether something less deadly might have been done to subdue him.

Newscasters proclaimed her little hot-boxed daughter a hero, Reynolds a heroine, Philandro a martyr, and the white police evil killers of black men.

Then, the news narrative and Bernie Sanders’ Socialists moved to Dallas, Texas, where a black gunman terrorized downtown citizens at a Sanders-Socialists organized rally to protest the shootings. The gunman reportedly shot 12 persons, killing 5 police. After the shooter told police he wanted to “kill white people,” police sent in a robot with a grenade that blew the shooter up.

When the public wondered whether something less deadly might have been done to subdue him, Dallas’s black police chief said, “No.”

What does it mean?

Why not ask President Obama? It’s all happening under his tutelage.

And as Obama repeatedly says, Hillary Clinton will keep his legacy alive.

And exactly what legacy is that?



Trump’s the only candidate who can put the brakes on that!

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Sarah Whalen

sarahw2Sarah Whalen is a university journalism instructor, attorney and author.

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