James P. Farwell talks Trump-Clinton, Louisiana U.S. Senate Race
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Farwell 0164 2Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton; United States congressional elections; Louisiana U.S. Senate race.

If you live in Louisiana and you watch politics, is there anything else to discuss?

One of the individuals in the middle and who has his pulse on the political flow is Attorney, Republican Consultant and Author, James P. Farwell.

On Friday, Stephen Sabludowsky interviewed Farwell about the upcoming elections.

Some key highlights—Presidential Race:

Trump is in trouble and he has wasted valuable time and is dropping. 

There is legitimate concern that he might not be able to turn the ship around.

Trump needs to make Hillary Clinton, the issue, not the other way around.

If the Republican presidential candidate continues to do poorly, as he is now anywhere from 8 to 15 points behind the Democrat, Trump’s decline might actually help the downstream ticket for some voters might not want Hillary Clinton to have a majority in Congress or in either house.

Trump is thin skinned, but perhaps, not as much as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Some key highlights—Louisiana U.S. Senate Race:

At this moment, the election is a three-person Republican race and two-person Democrat race.  Kennedy has the lead in the twenties or even low thirties, but Charles Boustany and John Fleming, both Republican Congressmen, should not be taken for granted.  Rob Maness, a fine candidate is on the outside track (although a recent poll paid for by one of his supporters states he is running 2nd place).

It is possible that two Democrats will be in the runoff, given the number of Republicans in the race.

David Duke should not be underestimated.  Much depends upon the free coverage he might get.  He could conceivably get into the low double digits.

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