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Donald Trump's Super "secret" plan to easily & quickly defeat ISIS, and beat Hillary?
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Faster that a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall towers, with a single bound...


Look, up in the sky.  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?

No.  It's Donald Trump!  And, he's got the "Super-duper secret plan to forever capitate and destroy ISIS.  

What is that plan?

Trump won't tell you.  

But, he promises that is's his super-secret "easy as pie" recipe to quickly demolish the Caliphate of ISIS.


Yes.  ISIS is that dangerous, monstrous evil force that is invading foreign strange lands like Syria and Libya and lands of the Middle East.  Also, ISIS is killing, poisoning, looting and scaring the wits out of all of the free world. ISIS chops off your heads.  They spiderly walk the hidden halls, crevices webs of the Internet.  They corrupt the timid and the vulnerable.  They are causing the great lands of Europe and the United States to close their doors shut tight.  No women or child refuge (and especially fathers and their male first-borns) can enter, or receive asylum.  The risks are too great.  The countries fear that those desperate to enter, even after being vetted for many months, are contaminated by the quiet spiritual siren forces of ISIS.

You've probably heard about Trump's secret super duper plan although you, like many members of the US military, intelligence, and even political experts are mindless and clueless.

So far, nothing will beat back the heathens who seek the infidels.  Nothing.  they want to impose their spirits of "hate and evil" upon the good and the humble.

But, out of nowhere, The Donald, has arrived on the scene, eager to sacrifice as always, raring to go, ready to conquer.

With him, is his secret super duper plan.

A plan, so powerful that no current military general has been brave, powerful or "great brain" enough to discover its hidden origins and surely, never use it in combat.  Nobody.  they have never stepped foot into Wharton.  But, Donald is keeping it a secret and will unveil it, when, and only if, he becomes the Master of the greatest Metroplis World, that most-lofty, elevated and respected position in the history of world-kind, ever.

That is, as long as that wicked, corrupt, lying, sickly Hillary of the Hills, The Clinton should get a hold of the one thing that can make him powerless--the equally Kryptonitic and corrupt, the dastardly and biased,  the powerful and deadly Main Stream Media.

So, will the great people of Metropolis World allow The Donald Trump to prevail and to rule?  Or will the sickly Hillary, cheat and rig her way into the White House of Magnificence, instead? 

There is an answer.  Only you can ensure that Donald Trump succeeds allowing him to unveil and deploy his secret, super duper plan.   Only you can help make the world safer than it has ever been.  Ever. Only you can make Metropolis World Great again.  Ever again.

So, where did Trump get his magnificent plan, anyway?

Watch the video above.  But, don't tell ISIS.  Or Clinton, either.

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