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Tuesday, 13 September 2016 12:18
David Duke thanks Pence, Landrieu makes endorsement, Kennedy's Boustany email
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kennedyYesterday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced his official endorsement of Caroline Fayard in the race for U.S. Senate. 

"Caroline Fayard will fight for New Orleans and Louisiana," said Mayor Landrieu. "She will bring new energy to Washington. Caroline will keep flood protection and coastal restoration a top priority. She also understands that investments in public safety and infrastructure will make our city and state stronger.  Lastly, I am confident she will also support public charter schools, which are vital to keeping our city and state moving forward."

Fayard is in a pitched battle with Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell for perhaps the spot to lead the Democrats in the US Senate race.

With this endorsement, Mayor Landrieu joins a growing list of leaders and institutions--- including the Alliance for Good Government, Democrats for Education Reform, and the Independent Women’s Organization of New Orleans, that have chosen Caroline Fayard as the senate candidate most prepared to fight for our future.

The mayor made the endorsement for Fayard although his cousin Gary Landrieu is running as a Democrat in the same race.  Jeff Crouere had Gary Landrieu as a guest today on WGSO radio 990 AM.



Anything wrong with this email?

Treasurer John Kennedy, who is running for US Senate, sent out a very strange email on Monday.  It said that the Congressman Charles Boustany campaign has accused the Kennedy campaign and other candidates a prostitute who had been murdered years ago. 

In the email, Kennedy wanted everybody to know that he had zero to do with the rumor.

He also shared his concern for Boustany and his family by stating, “campaign had anything to do with these news stories or the book published by Simon and Schuster.

             My wife, Becky, and I are keeping the Congressman, Mrs. Boustany and their children in our prayers as they deal with this very difficult time as a family.”

Here is the Kennedy email:


Earlier today, Congressman Boustany's campaign sent out an email blaming my campaign and other candidates’ campaigns for the U.S. Senate for the media stories about allegations that Congressman Boustany and members of his staff were involved in illegal behavior in southwestern Louisiana during the early 2000s. You can read one of these news stories for yourself on the link below.

kennedy advocate 7







(Bayoubuzz has not included any of the links on the image or the other links Kennedy had on the email)

I want to be very clear that my campaign played absolutely no role in advancing this story or the others like it.

With just a few weeks left before Election Day, my campaign is focused exclusively on talking about real solutions to address our country’s problems. I wanted for you to hear directly from me that neither I nor my campaign had anything to do with these news stories or the book published by Simon and Schuster.

             My wife, Becky, and I are keeping the Congressman, Mrs. Boustany and their children in our prayers as they deal with this very difficult time as a family.


John Kennedy


On Monday, CNN Wolf's Blitzer's asked Republican Vice President candidate, Mike Pence if he believes David Duke is deplorable.  The question obviously was asked in relationship to the recent Hillary Clinton statement about a population of Donald Trump's supporters. 

Pence apparently did not want to answer the question.  Instead, Pence said " "No I'm not in the name calling business…" 

Interestingly, Pence has never criticized his running mate Trump for calling Senator Elizabeth Warren names nor any of the dozens Trump has pinned on people including Lyin Ted Cruz or Crooked Hillary. 

Duke, in turn, thanked Pence for standing up for him.

According to NBC News: 

"It's good to see an individual like Pence and others start to reject this absolute controlled media," he toldBuzzFeed , later adding "The truth is the Republican Party is big tent. I served in the Republican caucus. I was in the Republican caucus in the legislature. I had a perfect Republican voting record. It's ridiculous that they attack me because of my involvement in that nonviolent Klan four decades ago."

Clinton meanwhile, pounced on Pence's remarks, tweeting, "If you won't say the KKK is deplorable, you have no business running the country." Her running mate, Tim Kaine echoed that sentiment at a campaign event in Ann Arbor, Mich. on Tuesday. "If you cannot call out bigotry. If you cannot call out racism, xenophobia... If you cannot call out and you stand back and be silent about it then you are enabling it to grow. You are enabling it to become more powerful. We want to be a nation of the positive virtues not the dark emotions and not the negative virtues," said Kaine.



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