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Wednesday, 02 November 2016 13:48
Trump vs. Clinton presidential elections amid the decaying of trust
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 hillary emailby Ron Chapman

  The Presidential Election will be held this Tuesday and every voter should consider which candidate they will cast their ballot for.   Or, perhaps more importantly this time around, which candidate will you be voting AGAINST! 

    This has proven to be a very sad political season.  With all that is going on with the economy, illegal immigration, deteriorating racial relations, a precarious economy, international wars, terrorism, and the threat of a major conflict between either the United States and Russia or China, one would think those issues would be foremost in the public discussion. 

    But no.   What we are hearing most about is Donald Trump’s gross comments about women said either eleven or twenty years ago depending upon the circumstance, his brash and too often emotional late night attack “tweets”, or questions about his lack of experience in matters of government. 

    On the Hillary Clinton side the focus has been on illegally directing important government documents on a private server which violate all public laws, her erasing and destroying the evidence of what might have been housed on those hard drives, the “pay to play” arrangements among a host of organizations including the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation, Teneo, and payments from corporations, foreign governments, and some questionable characters for face time with her a secretary of state.   

    Furthermore, the fact that both Bill and Hillary Clinton have made bank to the tune of tens of millions of dollars for giving speeches to select audiences.  Is what they have to say in a forty-five minute statement worth $450,000? That is $10,000 per minute!  Or, are these paybacks for considerations already granted? 

    The bottom line is both of these candidates have serious problems and neither is worthy of the office of President in any traditional election.  But this is what we have and “the die is cast.” 

    So what do voters do?   How can they find the ground to make a decision?   Certainly NOT from the mainstream media because they have fostered this insanity.  Voters are left with digging deeply into their own political philosophy and trying to discern which candidate best reflects their values. 

    IF you believe the federal government has become too invasive and too controlling over your private life and business?   IF you believe that the international trade initiatives have hurt American workers and our society. IF you believe America has no business “Nation building” around the globe?   You have a choice… Trump. 

    IF you believe that government is indeed the vehicle for bringing about change in America?  IF you believe that global arrangements have helped secure America and provide for a healthy economy?  IF you believe it is America’s mission to spread our national view? They you too have a choice… Clinton. 

    The differences between these candidates are profound and fundamental.  Anti-Federalism VS Federalism,    Globalism VS Anti-Globalism.  These are major issues that sadly have taken a back seat to the more embarrassing disclosures this campaign season has focused on.

     America stands at a crossroad.  The President elected will determine our nation’s future direction.   This is serious…very serious.   Sadly, the debates and discussions have failed to bring the critical importance of what is at stake to the surface. 

    I blame the mainstream media for this. Rather than directing attention to the grand issues before us, they have behaved more like the National Enquirer by advancing the more salacious events. They no longer provide objective news coverage, but partisan divisive entertainment. 

    One major loser in this election cycle will indeed be the mainstream media.   At one time they were respected as guardians of the republic…they have now reduced themselves to merely being America’s septic tank.  They have done the American people a terrible disservice by not objectively reporting the NEWS regardless of their particular partisan views. 

    But the greatest loser in this whole affair are the American people.  They have now lost respect for and belief in a free and fair press.  There was a reason our Founding Fathers were so concerned about Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech.  Now those sacred protections have been sacrificed by the organs entrusted with protecting them. 

    Perhaps the national news networks should consider the words of the poet John Donne:  “Trust, like the soul, once gone never returns!” 

Ron Chapman is an award winning columnist from St. Bernard Parish.  He is a college professor and businessman.

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