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Friday, 09 December 2016 15:38
Expect Kennedy to Trump Campbell badly, JBE floods president-elect with praise
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 edwards presser mar9Don’t tell anyone, but, tomorrow, Louisiana will close out the election season in the United States.  The elections has been a dud.  Still, the state will be voting on a couple of congressional seats, some amendments and, a US Senate spot.

David Vitter, who has been the Louisiana US Senator, will retire from his perch in Washington DC and two guys, both with deep southern drawls are running to replace him.  Shortly after 8PM, one will be in the winner’s circle.

The favorite, in fact, the overwhelming favorite, has Vitter leading by almost 2-1.  You got it.  Twice as many respondents in a recent UNO poll backed Republican John Kennedy over Democrat John Kennedy.  Actually, roughly twenty-five percent of the democrat voters (or people polled) say they will switch and vote for Treasurer Kennedy.

Still, Campbell, a Public Service Commissioner from North Louisiana contends the election is close and the difference will be turnout.

While the excitement surrounding this election could put No Doze to sleep, that hasn’t kept two heavy hitters from parading lately from their humble digs in the White House North.  Last week, VP-elect Mike Pence campaigned for Kennedy.  Today, it’s been no other than Donald Trump, or, better known as the man who will soon be telling Barack Obama, “You’re Replaced”.

Funny how things change when one becomes President-elect of these United States.  Or, perhaps, it’s the holiday spirts in the air.  A few months ago, when Trump made a campaign stop of sorts, to deliver some pre-Christmas post-flood gifts (about a million dollars worth, actually), Louisiana’s top dog, Governor John Bel Edwards greeted candidate Trump with a Do Not Enter sign.  Today, it’s a little different--a few nice words and a letter and who knows, maybe some egg nog.   Speaking of eggs, Edwards is expected to have a face-full tomorrow night, after his candidate which he has loudly endorsed, Campbell, concedes to Trump’s pick in the US Senate race, Kennedy.

Kennedy, who campaigned eight years ago against Congressional earmarks, when he ran for US Senate (but lost to Mary Landrieu) and now, almost daily on radio or TV, will be asked to have a change of heart once he gets sworn in.  His campaign spiel has been “we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem”.  His solution to every problem has been to cut the waste, fraud and abuse.

Now, his role will be different.  Louisiana has more needs than Sunkist has raisins.  Now, part of his job will be working with Governor Edwards and bring home some bacon  With Republicans holding the Congress and a pro-stimulus package conservative calling shots at the White House, we’ll see if Kennedy extends his palms out for his fair share or say “no thanks”, I stand for no waste, fraud or abuse, our state just ain’t hungry.


”I appreciate President-elect Trump taking the time to briefly visit with me during his trip to Louisiana today. During our visit, I had the opportunity to again congratulate him on his victory and update him on our disaster recovery efforts since his visit in August. We had a brief, but positive, conversation about our state's needs in order to complete the rebuilding process, and he expressed his love for our great state. President-elect Trump and his administration will play a vital role in securing additional assistance for recovery from the March and August floods. I reiterated my enthusiasm to partner with him, and the President-elect and I agreed to meet again after the inauguration to discuss issues important to Louisiana in more detail.”

Click here to read the letter Gov. Edwards hand-delivered to President-elect Trump.


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