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Wednesday, 08 March 2017 07:31
Is Trump bugged by Wikileaks dump of CIA tools?
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trump wiki“It is to take the rights of the press outside the rights of the law because those rights are superior to the law because in fact they create the law.” –Julian Assange.

It deems the affiliation so unsavory that Wikipedia states, in reply to the query “Wikileaks,” that the latter site is a Russian front. The latest dump of 7,000+ U.S. classified CIA documents to hit the Wikicloud is an electronic surveillance tool digest. The multiple emergency espionage support personnel hired to try and fix the mess will fill every affected agency and university research department with a chair in geopolitical disaster studies. It won’t be cheap but it does mean good high paying jobs for Americans at home. Russia conscripts its best code engineers. Ours volunteer for the job, as patriots do, when their country is endangered.

Wikileaks, no matter what its charismatic leader or the President, says, is not the West’s friend. When it exposes U.S. spy signature-making activities the persons making those signatures are subject, in unspecified cases, to revelation. This endangers them and their sources and places entire global populations in life or death situations through no fault of their own. Entire spy networks must be rebuilt, now, as a result of the latest revelations. This, at a time during which the President seems intent on demeaning U.S. intelligence agencies and their capabilities because there are reports critical of him spilling out.

Nothing was helped by Donald Trump tweeting from Mar-a-Lago, over the weekend, that Former President Obama had bugged Trump Tower in Manhattan during the campaign. FBI Director James Comey rejected the President’s assertion out of hand but Trump doubled down on the claim Monday and demanded a full investigation.

It was a puzzling charge for the President to make. He has criticized the Democratic Party and its 2016 candidate for poor electronic security. He wasn’t any smarter if his statements about Trump Tower bugging are true. It is unclear that Trump knew his demand for an investigation into the likely, imaginary Obama spying meant that he’s going to have to lay out his own campaign’s communications’ security protocols and communications for examination. No one knows where that will lead.

While the public waits for the findings of the investigation into Trumpgate the President’s fans can wear the tweet accusing Obama of illegal surveillance on a t-shirt available at $28.95 from trumpstore2016.* That’s how fast the merchandising has moved.

During the campaign, Trump said, repeatedly, “I love Wikileaks.” He didn’t always feel that way. In 2010 he told CNN that, for Wikileaks, “there ought to be the death penalty or something.” Something, clearly, changed in the subsequent six years for this unexplained change of heart. During the campaign, Trump was fond, even, of quoting Julian Assange, with evident approval, that the Wikileaks Clinton trove of negative materials did not originate with Russia.

The benefits to Russia of a disruptive American Presidency, headed by a man who is neither versed in diplomacy nor policy, has already caused discord and confusion among our allies who are waiting for the other boot to drop. Trump is right that these are dangerous times. He should listen to himself.


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