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Fake news or mad-man President Donald Trump?
Friday, 17 February 2017 16:10

crouere trump Fake news or mad-man President?

This is the question being discussed today all over the world after one of the most provocative pressers in recent memory, or, say, even-- ever, in US presidential politics.


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roger stoneRoger Stone denies Russian involvement, slams fake news, Priebus, talks press conference

One of the politicos, right in the middle of the 2016 election, who played a major role outside of the Donald Trump campaign, is Roger Stone.

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trump campaignAlthough there might not be much to discuss, Jeff Crouere and yours truly will continue our weekly political slugfest, otherwise called “Trump Talk”, tonight TThursday February 16 on Facebook, Twitter, and Bayoubuzz.com

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Is Trump's Russian White House in like Flynn?
Wednesday, 15 February 2017 09:09

red putin white houseInstead of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, maybe, Donald Trump should have invited the Red Army Chorus to his inauguration. The number of campaign aides, Trump officials, and affiliated parties who have had ex parte contacts with Russia before and after Trump took office, eventually, could exceed the number of tractors in the entire Ukraine.

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Arlie HochshildTrump voters—who are they?

Are they different from the Tea Party that amorphous grassroots organization of conservatives that took the nation by a storm?


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gradeThe mirepoix of Donald J. Trump is, typically, bravado bluster and bull. For this, among other reasons, it’s hard to accuse him of scholarship, but Trump says he has “learned a lot in the last two weeks.” He’s only got 208 weeks left to get it right or flunk out. Sadly, the odds aren’t in his favor.


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tehranToday, on the 38th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution, thousands of Iranians demonstrated in Tehran. As usual, the crowd rallied against the “Great Satan,” yelling “Death to America. They were burning effigies of Donald Trump and stomping on his picture. This year, the intensity of the anti-Americanism was particularly intense since President Trump just issued sanctions against the country in response to their inter-continental ballistic missile test. The Trump administration declared that the test violated the newly signed nuclear agreement and a United Nations Security Council resolution that banned such missile tests. In response, the United States officially put Iran “on notice.” 

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trump fingerThe era of President Trump, Week Three.

Nobody thought it wouldn’t be interesting.  Or, better put, did anybody possibly believe it wouldn’t be “wild”? I doubt it.

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Burning questions for President Trump
Thursday, 09 February 2017 08:26

trump mouthIf you could sit down with our new president, what would questions would you ask him? What insights would you be looking for?  What knowledge would you expect him to have?  And just how much difference do you think he can really make?

Most likely, the nation’s financial problems would be at the top of anyone’s list.  “It’s the economy, stupid,” says the Ragin’ Cajun, James Carville.  But can a president really make that much difference in solving the country’s economic woes?

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trump inaugIt has been a tumultuous three weeks for the new President Donald Trump. Any administration trying to make major changes will run into roadblocks from an entrenched bureaucracy and political insiders in Congress; however, this President is proposing quick and dramatic change that is generating massive opposition. 

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