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louisiana capital 3Work requirements in Louisiana for able-bodied adults without disabilities to enroll in Medicaid make a lot of sense, even if it would not save much money. It’s just its effective implementation that gets tricky.

SB 188 by state Sen. Sharon Hewitt would require this category of Medicaid enrollees to fulfill a “community engagement” standard, defined as employment, volunteer work, caretaking, job training, education, or job search activities comprising at least 20 hours a week. The bill would exempt many from the requirement, essentially those who care for dependents of some kind. Last week the Senate Health and Welfare Committee took up the bill, but in the face of opposition Hewitt deferred the bill in favor of a study resolution.

punch castWOW!! Fifteen years ago.

Tiger Woods wins the Masters for the second consecutive year;  Pope John Paul II meets with the US Catholic Church Leaders at the Vatican to discuss the sexual abuse of minors crises.  Incoming Mayor Ray Nagin is about to embark upon an anti-corruption program; Candidates to replace Louisiana Governor Mike Foster were beginning to consider a race for the October 2003 elections.


collision comfBusiness stories of the Day: Louisiana recognized; Collision Conference a hit; Nungessr goes cooking

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stokesWhile 2017 is a somewhat quiet political year for Louisiana, one election could make a difference for the state and for the winner for years to come.  That election is for the Office of Louisiana Treasurer for which an election has been called this fall.  John Kennedy, who had been Treasurer for over a decade, moved up to Washington DC by virtue of winning the US Senate Race seat, formerly held by Republican David Vitter, who retired from public office.

clinton foreign policyIt has been six months since the political world was rocked to its core with the upset election of Donald Trump as President. One person who has not gotten over Trump’s victory is his opponent, Hillary Clinton. 

It’s official.

Republican House has just voted upon legislation, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) that modifies Obamacare.  While Donald Trump and others are calling it “repeal and replacement” legislation, it is not for it does not repeal nor replace.

It does, in its current form, however, make major changes to the law which is wobbling with insurance companies pulling out of the program.

However, if the Senate were to approve the legislation, it would be the furthest the Republican-controlled Congress has gotten since the passing of the Affordable Care Act.

The Senate, which is more moderate than the House, is now under the gun.  A tremendous effort will be made to ensure President Trump a victory, which he desperately needs.  Much might depends upon how the legislation that has yet to be scored by the Congressional Budget Office, gets rated.   

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Bernie burnsThe BIG question: What is Louisiana going to do about the one-penny sales tax increase the legislature passed last year to get itself out of the sizeable budget hole left by the Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal administration and the previous legislature?

Thursday, 04 May 2017 10:49
Jim Brown, birthday boy, on young side of age 77
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jim brown collageI woke up earlier this week, followed my normal routine of walking the dogs, picking up the morning papers, pouring my large glass of orange juice half filled with water to dilute the sugar, checked my emails, walked out on the patio to glance over the news … and then it dawned on me – I’ve turned 77.

trump clinton comey sickFBI Director James Comey testified before Congress that he was “mildly nauseous’ at the thought his actions might influence the 2016 election. The definition of that term is important. A fast ride at Disneyland can be mildly nauseous while a plane caught in a storm can cause passengers to lose their lunch. The conclusion is that Comey isn’t bothered enough to avoid going on the same ride again and that chance is coming, soon, in the scrutiny of President Trump and Russia. 

Louisiana US Senator John Kennedy, today, questioned FBI Director Jim Comey on the issue of the Clinton administration email matter. The questioning occurred during the Senate Intelligence Committee questioning the Director. 

Specifically, Kennedy asked Comey about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton assistant Huma Abedin forwarding State Department email to her then husband, Congressman Anthony Weiner. 

The Senate committee has been questioning Comey about a range of issues today, from Clinton Email to Russian hacking. 




landryAttorney General Jeff Landry has entered the controversial Alton Sterling case today with his announcement that he can now and will now investigate the killing.

Here is a statement from his office: 

“Today, the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) released its findings in the death of Alton Sterling. 

carterThe Louisiana legislature is now approaching its second half, a budget has moved out of Republican-dominated-House Appropriations, one that saves the popular TOPS higher education program but which also makes serious cuts to higher education and health care.  The legislation moves to the House of Representatives floor and then, once approved, onto the Louisiana Senate.

  • Despite 5th plea, Schiff says House Intelligence Committee pursues Flynn's documents
  • Facebook Live: Discuss harm of Trump budget proposal on Louisiana coastal economy, restoration
  • Governor Edwards welcomes Pence with Medicaid, budget, Louisiana coast wishlist
  • World Premiere tonight in N.O. Bilderberg, the Movie

flynn2Despite General Michael Flynn’s announcement via his counsel that the General and former head of National Security, would take the 5th Amendment in Congressional proceedings, the Intelligence Committee will pursue information, regardless.

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560 usgs land loss map 2The efforts to rebuild the Louisiana coast has suffered a major and immediate setback, assuming that Congress goes along with the most recent budget proposal from President Trump.

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penceToday, Governor John Bel Edwards welcomed Vice President Mike Pence to Louisiana as he Veep is attending a event with top Louisianqa Republican officials. Along with the welcome, however, is a wishlist of requests including an item of recent vinctage involving the current Trump budget which tears a hole into the funding for the Louisiana coastal restoration. 

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bilderbergIt is always an honor when a movie premiere is held in New Orleans and tonight is no exception. At 7:30 p.m. Bilderberg, the Movie will premiere at the historic Prytania Theatre, 5339 Prytania Street.

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