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fredricksonFor many political and legal observers of the Donald Trump campaign and administration, the recent firing of James Comey moved the investigation of Russian interference in American elections into a totally different and higher constitutional orbit.


Are the events relating to the firing of the FBI Director James Comey by Donald Trump the catalyst for another constitutional crisis such as Watergate?

Caroline Picture 4This is a question I asked the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, President Caroline Fredrickson today in a Facebook Live interview.  


tim allenDespite healthy ratings, ABC promptly canceled Tim Allen’s popular sitcom, “Last Man Standing” this week. The show was a successful part of the ABC line-up for six years.  While some media reports claim that ABC canceled the show due to poor ratings, the truth is that the program was the second highest rated comedy and the third highest rated “scripted” show on the network. In fact, during the history of the show, “Last Man Standing” drew an impressive average of 8.1 million viewers each week. 

comey sitPresident Donald Trump said he fired FBI Director James Comey for being a “showboat and a grandstander.” If by that Trump meant Comey stood in front of Congressional committees, raised his hand, and swore to tell the truth, then Comey is a showboat. He was, also, the biggest single danger to Trump’s presidency due to an FBI investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia.

bernie pinsonatBernie Pinsonat has released his SMOR spring poll, 2017 today and the honeymoon is over for Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. Also, as expected, the state loves TOPS, hates taxes, wants education but hasn't rallied around anyway to pay for it.

abe lincolnAs the battle over taking down Civil War monuments in New Orleans rages, President Trump has jumped into the debate by questioning why the conflict was even necessary. In a recent interview, Trump asked:  Why was there a Civil War?  Why could that one not have worked out?

comey trump2 5What is Donald Trump hiding and why is he hiding it?

In yesterday’s shocking and controversial firing papers of FBI Director James Comey, Trump cited his gratefulness that Comey told him thrice that he was not under investigation.

Right in the smack center of a “your’re fired” letter, Trump essentially said, “Hey, Jim.  Thanks for claiming you are not going after me on this Russian deal, sorry, I don’t have any confidence in you any more.”

comey nyetDonald Trump threw a Hail Mary pass when he fired F.B.I. Director James Comey at a seminal moment in the Russia scandal swirling about his presidency. Like most desperation plays it’s doubtful this one will succeed.

“Brazen, craven” was how Senator Richard Blumenthal, (D), CN, characterized the Tuesday Massacre of One. The previous day, after a well-run Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing, Sen. Lindsey Graham reiterated his intent “to get to the bottom of this.” The need grew more compelling just hours after he spoke.



whitehousess 2Donald Trump has just made one of the most significant decisions in his troubled administration.  He has fired James Comey who heads the FBI which is investigating the President and his campaign.

mid tombby Ron Chapman

During this past election a significant shift in political alliances arose as invading “outsiders” sought to breach the hallowed halls of the established political parties.

Republicans experienced the overthrow of their ancient regime when Donald Trump brought in the disenfranchised masses of older blue collar and white collar workers. They had experienced the destruction of their American Dream with rising unemployment as government regulations, computers, robots, hedge fund managers, and foreign nations took away their jobs.

crimeWhile the city and the rest of the country focus on the fate of the Confederate monuments in New Orleans, a sad story is being ignored. In the first four months of 2017, the murder rate has increased significantly over the previous year. According to crime researcher Jeff Asher, there were 71 murders in New Orleans through the end of April. If this trend continues, this year will be the most violent year in New Orleans since 2007. 

  • Despite 5th plea, Schiff says House Intelligence Committee pursues Flynn's documents
  • Facebook Live: Discuss harm of Trump budget proposal on Louisiana coastal economy, restoration
  • Governor Edwards welcomes Pence with Medicaid, budget, Louisiana coast wishlist
  • World Premiere tonight in N.O. Bilderberg, the Movie

flynn2Despite General Michael Flynn’s announcement via his counsel that the General and former head of National Security, would take the 5th Amendment in Congressional proceedings, the Intelligence Committee will pursue information, regardless.

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560 usgs land loss map 2The efforts to rebuild the Louisiana coast has suffered a major and immediate setback, assuming that Congress goes along with the most recent budget proposal from President Trump.

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penceToday, Governor John Bel Edwards welcomed Vice President Mike Pence to Louisiana as he Veep is attending a event with top Louisianqa Republican officials. Along with the welcome, however, is a wishlist of requests including an item of recent vinctage involving the current Trump budget which tears a hole into the funding for the Louisiana coastal restoration. 

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bilderbergIt is always an honor when a movie premiere is held in New Orleans and tonight is no exception. At 7:30 p.m. Bilderberg, the Movie will premiere at the historic Prytania Theatre, 5339 Prytania Street.

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