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Louisiana Politics, Jindal Fundraising, President Roemer, Jeff Landry, Scalise

Stephen Sabludowsky, Bayoubuzz PublisherLouisiana Politics:  Bobby Jindal, Budddy Roemer, Congressman Landry, Steve Scalise

Jindal Fundraiser

There surely will be no cottoning up in Texas as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal attends a fundraiser in his honor for his gubernatorial reelection campaign. After the fundraiser, is travelling to Arlington, TX to attend the Cotton Bowl Classic between LSU and Texas A&M. Governor Jindal will participate in the coin toss before the game.



There are reports that Jindal has over ten million dollars in his campaign chest.  So far, Governor Jindal has no challengers.


Steve Scalise and the Constitution

Republican Congressman Steve Scalise included the below in his email newsletter:  

On Thursday, we started what should become a new tradition by reading the Constitution aloud on the Floor of the House of Representatives.  This marks the first time in the history of the United States that the complete Constitution has been read on the House Floor.  I was honored to participate and hope this will be the first step towards getting our country refocused on the principles spelled out in this historic document.

Click here to watch me participate in the reading of the Constitution on the House Floor

Jindal For President

The Reuter News Agency has listed Louisiana Governor  Bobby Jindal as one of the “list of Republican contenders, many of whom have built robust fundraising operations and paid repeated visits to the early battleground states of Iowa and New Hampshire.”

Some of the others on the list include Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Chris Christie.  Jindal was one of the “contenders” featured in the article.

President Buddy Roemer

According to John Maginnis, there might be a candidate for President of the United States from Louisiana.  In his Fax Weekly, Maginnis quotes Roemer   "It certainly interests me. There is a lot of work to be done," the former governor and bank president told LaPolitics.

 "I am making no announcement. I am not running today," he said. "It will take months to work out if it happens. I don't want to scare anyone."

Democrats and Congressman Jeff Landry

The Democratic National Committee took a shot at new Republican Louisiana US Congressman, Jeff Landry this week by stating in an email:

As reported byPolitico this morning, incoming U.S. Rep. Jeff Landry will begin his career in Washington surrounded by lobbyists and special interests paying $50,000 at a fundraiser at the exclusive W Hotel in Washington.  The fundraiser will benefit members of America’s New Majority, which includes Landry.  Democratic National Committee Spokeswoman Joanne Peters released the following statement:


“In the latest example of Republican hypocrisy, Rep.-elect Jeff Landry will begin his career in Washington by taking money from the special interests he claimed to oppose on the campaign trail.  Before he is even sworn into office, Landry will schmooze with lobbyists paying $50,000 at a lavish Washington hotel. While families in Louisiana are struggling, Landry will be living the life of luxury, if even for one night, at the expense of special-interest lobbyists. Landry has made it clear, before even casting his first vote, who it is that he will really represent in Congress – not the people of Louisiana, but Washington insiders and lobbyists.”

Last week, Landry sent out an email showing his pleasure with an article from Politico that stated he is one of 10 freshman Republicans to watch on energy issues, according to


Landry has been assigned to the Transportation & Infrastructure and Natural Resources Committees, was humbled by the recognition. said: “Landry is eager to use his seat on the Natural Resources Committee to end what he calls the administration’s ‘de facto moratorium’ on oil and gas drilling in the Gulf and allow the permitting process to move more swiftly.”


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