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Faucheux: Obama leads battlegrounds, Romney up by 2 nationally
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r faucheuxAccording to stats from Ron Faucheux’s, President of Clarus, in his “Lunchtime Politics” report, President Barack Obama leads in the battleground states, however, Mitt Romney tops Obama in the polls nationally by 2 percent.



Here is Faucheux’s findings  



(no change from yesterday; down 2 from a week ago)


Romney over Obama +2

Note: There is wide divergence in polls used for today's average.

Romney leads in one (+7 Gallup), two have it even (Rasmussen, IBD), and one poll, PPP (D), has Obama ahead by 1.


Colorado (D poll): Obama over Romney +3

Michigan: Obama over Romney (a) +3, (b) +6 North Carolina: Romney over Obama +6

Wisconsin: Obama over Romney +6

Oregon: Obama over Romney +7

Iowa: Obama over Romney +8

Washington: Obama over Romney +9

Minnesota: Obama over Romney +10

Connecticut: Obama over Romney +14

California: Obama over Romney +15


Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin (D) over Tommy Thompson (R) +4

Connecticut: Chris Murphy (D) over Linda McMahon (R) +6 Nevada average: Sen. Dean Heller (R) over Shelley Berkley (D) +7 Missouri (D poll): Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) over Todd Akin (R) +12

Washington: Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) over Michael Baumgartner (R) +23

California: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) over Elizabeth Emken (R)  +26

Minnesota: Sen. Amy Kllobuchar (D) over Kurt Bills (R) +28

U.S. HOUSE****

Florida-22 average: Lois Frankel (D) over Adam Hasner (R) +2

Florida-18 average: Rep. Allen West (R) over Patrick Murphy (D) +5 New York-8: Rep. Nan Hayworth (R) over Sean Maloney (D) +7


New Hampshire average: Maggie Hassan (D) over Ovide Lamontagne (R) +1

Washington average: Jay Inslee (D) over Rob McKenna +2


(among adults nationwide)

"As you may know, if Congress does not come up with a plan that passes by the end of this year it will trigger automatic cuts in government spending, including $600 billion each from defense and domestic programs. Do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea?"

Good idea 17%

Bad idea 64%

"Many members of Congress have expressed concern that they cannot come up with a deficit deal between their return to Congress in mid-November and the end of the year. Do you think that Congress can get a deal in the time remaining, or that Congress should defer any deal until the new year after Congress and the president are sworn in?"

Can get a deal in time remaining 45%

Should defer deal 40%

"When it comes to the federal budget deficit, would you like lawmakers who share your views to stand by their principles, even if that means the problems don't get dealt with, or be willing to compromise, even if that means a deal that includes things you don't like?"

Stand by principles 26%

Compromise 63%


Among religiously unaffiliated Latinos:

Obama 82%

Romney 7%

Among Latino Catholics:

Obama 73%

Romney 19%

Among Latino Evangelical Protestants:

Obama 50%

Romney 39%


Presidential job rating average of the three most recently reported nationwide polls.

* Average based on four most recently released nationwide polls:

Rasmussen, Gallup, IBD/TIPP, PPP(D).

** PRESIDENTIAL: CO: PPP(D); MI: (a) LE&A/Demo Research, (b) EPIC-MRA

NC: Rasmussen; WI: NBC/WSJ/Marist; OR: SurveyUSA; IA: NBC/WSJ/Marist;

WA: The

Washington Poll; MN: KSTP/SurveyUSA; CT: Hartford Courant/UConn; CA:


*** SENATE: WI: NBC/WSJ/Marist; CT: Hartford Courant/UConn; NV:

Rasmussen, LVRJ/SurveyUSA; MO: Harstad Research (D); WA: The Washington Poll; MN: KSTP/SurveyUSA; CA: Reason-Rupe.

**** U.S. HOUSE: FL-18, 22: Sunshine State News/VSS, PPP(D), NY:

Sienna College.

# GOVERNOR: NH: Rasmussen, Suffolk/7News; WA: Rasmussen, SurveyUSA, Washington Poll.

## United Technologies/National Journal, Oct. 12-14.

### Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, Sept. 7-Oct. 4.


Clarus Research Group is a nonpartisan polling firm based in Washington, D.C., specializing in survey research for businesses, associations, nonprofits and media organizations. For more information, contact Dr. Faucheux at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to our website at

Clarus Research Group cannot attest to the reliability or methodology of surveys that it does not conduct.

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