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Jindal backs LSU Supervisors consolidating President, Chancellor spot
Written by  // Friday, 26 October 2012 08:16 //

Jindal-LSUGovernor Bobby Jindal issued the following statement today after the LSU Board of Supervisors voted to consolidate the President and Chancellor positions: 

"Just this week, LSU announced that we set a record with our graduation rate.  This is big news and an important milestone.  More students graduating is  good for our state, good for our University, and most importantly, good for our students.   These results did not happen by accident. 

"Now we are at another inflection point in LSU’s history.  Restructuring and unifying the leadership of LSU by consolidating the President and Chancellor positions will allow us to compete with the best universities in the country.  A more competitive LSU is good for our state’s economy, our workforce, and most importantly our students. 

"My mom traveled half way around the world to attend LSU.  I love this University and want it to be the best in the nation.  That is why we are pursuing these historic reforms. It will put LSU on the pathway to national prominence."

(Jindal Press release)

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