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Louisiana GOP’s Rebuke Over Fayard’s Hate-Speech May Be Worry Signs

Stephen Sabludowsky--Publisher of Bayoubuzz.comWord around the state is that Carolyn Fayard is moving towards running for the top state’s office.   Even former Miss America Phyllis George called her “governor” this weekend during George’s speech to the Louisiana Center for Women and Government.

Which is probably the reason that Roger Villere, the news national GOP executive is so bent out of shape today.  

Want more?  Here’ s an email from the Louisiana Republican Party blast-camp:

Metairie, LA - Today Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere called on Louisiana Democrat Party Chairman Buddy Leach to denounce Caroline Fayard's hate-filled rhetoric.

"Louisiana voters deserve an open and honest debate of the issues, but Caroline Fayard's disappointing and vicious rhetoric conflicts with the very concept of civil discourse," said Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere.  "Fayard's negative and divisive commentary reveals a true partisan, driven by hate, who is wholly unfit for elected office.  Today I call on Democrat Party Chairman Buddy Leach to join the Republican Party of Louisiana in denouncing Fayard's hate-filled and disgusting comments."

Caroline Fayard's Hateful Rhetoric

Fayard: "I Hate Republicans.": “I hate Republicans. I hate Republicans,” [Caroline] Fayard said ... “They are cruel and destructive. They eat their young. They don’t think. They don’t allow people to think. They are bullies.” ("Candidate or not?" Washington Parish Daily News, 3/27/11, link)

Fayard: "Time To Get Mad.": "Fayard encouraged Democrats to respond to the gains Republicans have made nationally as well as statewide and said it’s 'time to get mad.'" ("Candidate or not?" Washington Parish Daily News, 3/27/11, link)

Not to totally disagree with Villere for Fayard better get more grace if she wants to be taken seriously as a gubernatorial candidate, but the Louisiana GOP Chairman does protests too much.

After witnessing the constant brutal attacks by the parties on both sides of the aisle, I would call Fayard’s comments disappointing and vicious, negative and divisive.  Oh, and let me add hateful.   I believe that Fayard should apologize to the Republicans for remarks that do not befit the discourse of political debate.


But, Villere’s comments are a bit inconsistent and over the top.  Here’s why:

1.      For months, his party have called President Obama a communist (which he is not) and have labeled the Democrats’ and Obama’s health care plan as “death panels”.  Obama certainly has been left of center so far but a communist?  Come on.  And death panels or even throwing granny under the bus  Give me a break.   Yet, I don’t recall too many requests from Villere or the GOP to put a muzzle upon some hateful and unfair rhetoric.

2.     Villere knows that Buddy Leach will not denounce Fayard’s comments just as the Democrats know that Republicans will not denounce their own party members when the Louisiana Democratic Party gets into a fit requesting the GOP to rebuke its member. We all know it is a political show. 

However, what the email does indicate is that the Louisiana Republican Party just might be  beginning to take Fayard’s possible campaign seriously.  Otherwise, they would have said little to avoid giving Fayard any publicity—good or bad.

On another note, let’s assume that Fayard is indeed  considering running for Governor.  Does she have a serious chance against Governor Bobby Jindal?

As of now, not much.

Not too long ago, Jindal outpolled even the most attractive Democratic candidate, Mitch Landrieu by  a landslide poll.   

Since then, more democrats in the legislature have turned Republican which means Jindal will likely exercise even more control over the legislative processes bolstering his chances to show that he can get things done in Baton Rouge.

Fayard would need to raise a warehouse full of money.  Four years ago, Jindal beat two very rich men in John Georges and in Walter Boasso.  Jindal also walloped Foster Campbell who was not a political unknown.

No doubt, a growing number of Louisiana voters have become disappointed in the young governor who voted for him last campaign, but I believe unless there is a political earthquake in the state, he is even more unbeatable than he was in 2007. 

Fayard shocked many of us last year when she took the fight to Jay Dardenne and others (including Roger Villere)  who had much more name recognition and local political experience.  However, should she decide to climb into the gubernatorial campaign ring, she will need a cooler head and much more finesse than she displayed in Washington Parish.

To satisfy Villere and other members of the Louisiana GOP, perhaps she should just admit she committed a “serious sin” and then get on with the show. 


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