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Louisiana Politics: Fayard, Vitter, Carville, Hate Republicanse And Money
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The electronic wires are alive on Wednesday with e-mail from Republicans and Democrats alike.  Louisiana Republicans are rejoicing over the gift they received from comments by Democrat Caroline Fayard.  On the Democratic side, Louisinaa resident James Carville  is urging that democrats send money to help keep Republicans from controlling Congress.  Louisiana Senator David Vitter, in the meantime is asking for money to fight Obama to preserve taxpayers' money.

The Republican Governors Association called on Democratic Governors Association Chairman Martin O’Malley to condemn the hateful language used by potential Louisiana gubernatorial candidate Caroline Fayard to describe Republicans.
“We know Democrats are having a difficult time finding someone to challenge Governor Jindal, but recruiting a hyper-partisan like Caroline Fayard reeks of desperation,” said RGA spokesman Mike Schrimpf. “Democrats’ chances in Louisiana are now officially in the gutter.”
“Martin O’Malley now faces his first test as leader of the Democratic governors,” Schrimpf added. “The only way for O’Malley’s rhetoric to match with reality is by condemning Caroline Fayard’s hateful speech.”



Dear friend,
Three numbers keep rolling around in this bald head: 23, 10, 4.
Twenty-three is how many Senate seats Democrats have to defend in 2012. That’s a boatload. Ten is how many Republicans have – less than half.
Four. This number really gives me heartburn. The GOP gains four seats, and they’ll have the votes in the Senate to pass the garbage coming from the House. The middle class? Ignored. Women’s rights and health care? Gone. Public broadcasting? Scrapped. The wealthy? Pampered.
But you have the power to stop them, starting NOW. The DSCC has a monster FEC deadline in 48 hours – they need to raise $79,487 to have the best possible chance of keeping our majority and shoring up our Senate firewall against House extremism. They’ve got a March Match going on – the $10 you give will only cost you $5.
Don’t wait: Click here to give $10 or more to the DSCC. Thanks to the match, your $10 donation will only cost you $5. Fight back right now!
You might be thinking a small donation won’t make a difference. You’d be wrong. More than 90 percent of donations to the DSCC come from people who give $200 or less – that’s real grassroots power. The Republicans, in comparison, are running on Koch. Those deep-pocketed brothers are already pouring money in – making what you do right now even more important.
These are the stakes: We lose four seats, and Sen. Mitch McConnell gets a new title – Majority Leader. Remember: Our pal Mitch said, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” Not jobs. Not a strong middle class. Just raw power. If they get the Senate, they’ll have it.
These numbers – 23 seats to defend versus their 10, and if they gain 4 they’re in charge – mean this will NOT be an easy election. That’s why I’m asking for your grassroots help right now. The next 72 hours will help determine if we’re still holding the Senate in 2012.
Click here to give $10 or more to the DSCC right now. Your $10 donation will only cost you $5 thanks to the March Match. I need you to get in the fight!
It might seem early. It IS early. But we can’t wait. Republicans – and their corporate pals – sure aren’t. So let’s get cracking.
James Carville

Ever since you gave me the honor to be resworn in as your U.S. Senator in January, I have been back at work fighting Obama and the liberal spending machine in Washington that is clearly out of control. Louisiana and our nation are facing many important issues, but none is more urgent than cutting outrageous government spending and starting to balance the budget.
Please help me keep up the fight with a $10 donation today!
With our national debt poised to reach its $14.3 trillion limit in the very near future, reducing wasteful spending and working on balancing the federal budget needs to happen immediately. I know you want Congress to start the spending cuts now, and almost every member of the Senate has agreed that we must address our fiscal situation immediately.
But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama aren't listening. In fact, they're punting the tough task of cutting government spending to the next deadline in hopes of recreating how they procrastinated and then rushed Congress to quickly pass Obamacare.
I, for one, have no more patience for this. Recently, I’ve been leading a charge in the Senate along with other Republicans telling Harry Reid that we intend to block any bill that would not significantly cut spending or reform the federal budget. Harry Reid and his big spending liberal allies attacked me for threatening to block bills that didn't cut spending. Please help me fight back against Harry Reid with an immediate donation of $10, $20 or even $50.
I will keep up the fight and not rest until we pass legislation that significantly cuts government spending and reforms the federal budget too.
Thanks again,
David Vitter

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