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Friday, 22 April 2011 15:14
Will Louisiana, Jindal Crowe Over Birther Bill?
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 Louisiana’s “Birther” law is getting recognition, especially since governor Bobby Jindal said he would likely sign the legislation should it pass the legislature. 

For weeks, the Birther issue has received more attention as Donald Trump has trumpeted the issue on the presidential campaign trail.  

Now, the birther issue has given birth to another Louisiana voice.  Conservative Senator A.G. Crowe, one of the authors of the Louisiana “birther” legislation filed for the recent legislative session has appeared this week on CNN to defend his bill in front of a national audience.  Crowe denied that the legislation was spirited at President Obama but said it was to defend the constitution. 

In a Buzzback comment following Thursday Jeff Crouere’s columnon this matter, an interesting questioned was raised—it asked: have you read HB 561? 

The buzzback said, “Here it is:


For all candidates in primary and general elections for President, Vice President, the House, and Senate, an affidavit must be sent that includes "An original or certified copy of the candidate's birth certificate that includes the date and place of birth, the names of the hospital and the attending physician, and signatures of the witnesses in attendance."

Here's an example of the current Louisiana "long form" birth certificate from someone who ran for Congress a few years back:


So let's compare the requirements of HB 561 to what Louisiana provides as a "certified copy" of a birth certificate.....

1) the date and place of birth - check.
2) the names of the hospital - check.
3) and the attending physician - Houston, we have a problem!
4) signatures of the witnesses in attendance - so he was miracled into this world.

This is a horribly conceived bill. It was designed to flush out Obama for only providing an "abstract" birth certificate form, but would not only seem to flush out people born in places that don't issue "photostatic" long form birth certificates, but anyone born in Louisiana. If this bill passes and isn't struck down, Jindal (born in Louisiana) might not be able to get his name on the ballot in Louisiana if he runs for Congress or President/Vice President. How's that for irony?”

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