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Nungesser, Dardenne Exchanges Swat In Louisiana Lt. Gov. Race
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Louisiana Lt. Governor RaceFor now, it’s Billy Nungesser versus Jay Dardenne for Louisiana Lt. Governor’s spot. 

Today, Billy Nungesser, President of Plaquemines Parish, announced his candidacy for Lt. Governor this morning in front of family, friends and supporters in Belle Chasse, LA.   

 Shortly after, the Dardenne campaign unleashed a slap at Nungesser which already appears to be a political battle of words between the two Republicans. 

In his speech today, Nungesser discussed his experience as a businessman and as elected official but he also threw a subtle barb at Dardenne by stating, “We don't need a career politician who thinks the solution to our problems is to use more of our hard earned tax dollars to line the pockets of Madison Avenue advertising executives.” 

In his campaign email, Dardenne referred to an advertisement and phone call made by Nungesser in 2010 in which the popular Parish President supported the current incumbent Lt. Governor, Dardenne. 

Below are the press releases from both Nungesser and Dardenne which demonstrate that the next months preceding election season will be brutal: 

Billy Nungesser, President of Plaquemines Parish, announced his candidacy for Lt. Governor this morning in front of family, friends and supporters in Belle Chasse, LA. 

"Louisianans need a Lt. Governor who has real world experience creating jobs and a track record of standing up and doing what is best for our state," said Nungesser.  "Louisiana needs a fighter who has been tested and delivered real results with the proven courage to stand up to large corporations, the federal government or whoever is standing in the way of doing what is right for our state and our people.  Our state's $9 billion tourism industry deserves a champion who will roll up his sleeves and work with the taxicab drivers, bartenders, restaurant owners and tourism professionals to find real world solutions to improve the industry and create jobs.  We don't need a career politician who thinks the solution to our problems is to use more of our hard earned tax dollars to line the pockets of Madison Avenue advertising executives.  Louisiana needs help from leaders who won't back down until Louisiana is the state it can and should be and that is why I am announcing my candidacy for Lt. Governor." 

Nungesser's plan for Louisiana includes: 

  • Ensuring that the BP money is used to restore those affected by the oil spill.
  • Making sure the federal government expedites the permitting process and the EPA allows for a five year permit so the oil and gas industry - the backbone of Louisiana's economy - is never shut down again and we can act responsibly to restore our coasts.  
  • Protecting taxpayers so we can streamline government and reduce its costs to allow for true reform within our tax system.
  • Working to recruit new business and industry to Louisiana to create jobs and put people back to work.  
  • Revive the Louisiana tourism industry by effectively selling Louisiana and encouraging visitors to see and stay in destinations throughout the entire state. 

Billy Nungesser was elected President of Plaqemines Parish in 2006 and overwhelming re-elected in 2010 with 71% of the vote.  During his time at the helm of Plaquemines Parish, Nungesser led the rebuilding effort following Hurricane Katrina, getting 500 projects, totaling $361 million, approved to rebuild marinas and invest in fire stations and emergency equipment so that Parish could once again be a place for families to live, work and raise their families.  Nungesser also took on the Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA forcing them to think outside the bureaucratic box in Washington to understand the needs of Louisiana's communities.  As a result, FEMA and the Corps of Engineers now recognize things other than levies and flood walls for flood protection and made changes to offer better protection and lower flood insurance rates for homeowners.    

Nungesser also became know as the "voice for Louisiana" following the BP oil spill in April 2010. He publicly held BP to task for the disaster and continues to fight for BP to do what is right for Louisiana, while fighting the federal government not to destroy our oil and gas industry.   

A lifelong conservative Republican, Nungesser is a successful small business owner, who built a company with over 200 employees.  For more information about Billy Nungesser, or go to

Dardenne Campaign press release 

The Jay Dardenne Campaign launched a new viral web video today. You can view the video by clicking HERE. The video references an automated call made by Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser on behalf of the Dardenne campaign. The call was broadcast on November 1, 2010. A transcript of the ad is provided below.

In his recording, Nungesser praises Jay Dardenne for his leadership in protecting our coastline and lauded Dardenne as a strong advocate for good government and fiscal responsibility.

And Billy was right. In just seven months after taking office, Dardenne has upheld every campaign promise he ran on. Most notably:

  • Dardenne saved the state $6 million by delaying taking office to avoid a special election for Secretary of State
  • He eliminated several unnecessary executive level positions, saving taxpayers another $100,000
  • Dardenne chose to run the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism in addition to his duties as Lt. Governor
  • He created consistent criteria for parishes to follow in spending advertising and marketing funds made available by BP
  • He’s made more than 50 satellite television and radio show appearances across the country promoting Louisiana seafood and travel opportunities
  • Dardenne fulfilled a campaign promise to create a new brand for the state that would highlight all of our distinct cultures and colorful history. The new brand, Pick Your Passion, was launched in January is getting national attention.

Transcript of Billy Nungesser’s Automated Call:
“This is Parish President Billy Nungesser asking you to please join me in helping elect Jay Dardenne to become our Lieutenant Governor. He’s been a strong advocate for good government, fiscal responsibility and investing in our people. You know how important rebuilding the coast and protecting our culture is to me. I’m proud of Jay for taking the lead in creating the constitutional amendment that dedicates money to protecting our coastline.  I know he’ll fight to restore Louisiana’s image in the wake of the oil spill. This is Billy Nungesser asking you to join me in electing Jay Dardenne to Lieutenant Governor on Tuesday, November 2nd. Thank you.”              


For More Information, Watch the video below

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