Thursday, 28 June 2012 03:56
Justice Roberts nails GOP into Obamacare crosshairs
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roberts CJ

a few words on obamacare: stunned, in a good way.

whatever supreme court chief justice john roberts was smoking, send me a bowl full please.

the gop are crying about obamacare as if they’ve been crucified, but it was their supreme court judge who drove the last nail into their cross, their judge who fashioned their crown of thorns. roberts’ vote was the deciding vote.

by the way, those injuries will now be covered by obamacare.

i didn’t expect the decision that scotus imparted today; i don’t think anyone really did. just when you think this supreme court can do nothing decent to help the elderly, the poor and the weak, they turn around and pull something like this.

gee, most americans can now get health care almost as good as what the gop and democratic congress members voted for themselves. almost. sorry, i almost wrote that while maintaining a straight face. no one else gets the care they voted for themselves.

the spinning has already begun. the evangelical gop is declaring that this is a sign of the apocalypse. i just got a gop email declaring obamacare "a blow to our freedom."


nah, it's just a blow to some people's wallets, like pharmaceutical and insurance companies and maybe the 1%, and a way to help tens of millions of working americans and poor families. for those who wail that some are now required to buy insurance, uh, we already are: car insurance, for example. damn commie car insurers!


the gop says that this court decision will “galvanize their base”. well, i think that can be said for both sides. it’s a wash. i can turn down the tv volume now, because i already know the script for the rhetoric that’s coming for the next few days, and so do you.

so now, what’s left? where does that leave us? well, the elderly can better afford their prescription medications. families who work and still couldn’t afford coverage can now make sure their kids get covered. fewer families will end up impoverished from owing everything they’ll ever earn to pay for their medical bills when a major health issue confronts their loved ones. now kids can’t be denied coverage for having pre-existing medical conditions, and insurance companies can’t dump you when you’re seriously sick. i guess that’ll take a bite out of the record ridiculous profits they’ve enjoyed for the past decade. oh, well. i guess instead of actual people suffering, it’ll be “business” that has to suffer. so be it. somehow, i think they’ll find a way to make money and still maintain their country club memberships. i know i will.

-sid arroyo

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It's not surprising. If we stop and look at where this country is headed how could you expect anything different. The move towards socialism creeps forward ever so slowly. Liberals of today would be appauled if they actually learned the values of the true Democrats of the past. To them they would seem conservative. 

Tony Gentile Member of the Christian Party of Louisiana

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Sidney Arroyo

Sidney Arroyo is a progressive political activist and consultant who has worked on numerous campaigns in the New Orleans area.

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