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GOP’s Poll Tax For Presidential Election Again Soaks Rank And File
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Sid Arroyopoll tax (noun): a tax…..levied on adults and often linked to the right to vote.” – mirriam webster dictionary

if you’re a republican, the republican national committee (rnc) apparently doesn’t really care how you as a republican vote …they just want your money!

in my initial article i said that neocons were like bad magicians doing lousy sleight of hand card tricks, not caring whether you saw the con or not. now, we have yet another neocon carny con job: the bait and switch. and, they do it to each other!


like rodney dangerfield said, “now i know why tigers eat their young.”

i promised you a look behind the mirror from time to time: the republican national committee plans on trumpeting the results of a straw poll they put in the field via email a few days ago to republican registered voters. rnc chair rinse priebus e-blasted a communique urging republicans to take part in the poll of gop presidential candidates. he said: “right now i need an update on who you would vote for.” 

actually, not.

because the thing is this: if you don’t pay to vote, your vote don’t count, bro!

in other words, surprise! first you have to pay a poll tax!

not only that, you don’t find out about the poll tax til after you try to vote!

is this some funny stuff or what?

these guys put the ‘con’ in neocon.

in the message from priebus he not only asks you to vote, he also asks for a donation to the cause of defeating barak obama, which is what you’d reasonably expect from the rnc chair.

however, nowhere does it say that if you don’t contribute they will not accept your vote, that you can’t vote. but that is exactly what happens. he says you can be among the first to see the results if you do contribute, a totally different thing than being allowed to vote. links to the vote and to contributions are even displayed in the email as separate items.

when you eventually go to the poll page, they ask you to vote, then they ask you to contribute, then you fill out a contact information form and then click continue. three steps and click, easy peasy. but if you don’t ante up, they reject your vote! instead, you are returned to the ‘voting’ page, except everything you haven’t filled out…ie, your “contribution”…is now all shaded in a pretty pink. and small print appears in the corner that wasn’t there before: “donation is required.”

do they even see how monumentally hypocritical the very appearance/idea of a poll tax on their own party members is, especially in these difficult times?  or do they just not care? i think the latter. they just don’t care. they’ll march in the streets to keep from taxing those poor abused billionaires, but their own rank and file? no problem!

and yet the lemmings march. i’m sure many paid to play, because they’re good soldiers carrying the load so that the overindulged can stay that way. maybe if they’re lucky, the koch brothers will throw them some crumbs between their bouts of laughter at these sideshow suckers. i don’t know about you but i’m feeling patriotic all over. they make my job almost too easy.

so once again we learn that after the shakedown of everyone on earth except those who can afford it the most, you’re left with what’s left, by sid arroyo.

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Sidney Arroyo

Sidney Arroyo is a progressive political activist and consultant who has worked on numerous campaigns in the New Orleans area.

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