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Juggling Jindal's Future; Plus Nungesser, Dardenne, Bachman, Paul And All
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landrieuNow, it is official, Bobby Jindal said that he will be completing his second term as Louisiana Governor, according to John Maginnis, the field of potential candidates for U.S. Senate to compete against Mary Landrieu is becoming swollen.

Yesterday, Maginnis said in his weekly newsletter, “ Two have previously declared their willingness to challenge her: Congressman Jeff Landry and BESE member Chas Roemer. Also said to be interested are three more congressmen: Bill Cassidy, Dr. John Fleming and Steve Scalise.

   Of the set, Landry is garnering the most attention, if not notoriety, among the delegation, here and his Washington. A darling of the Tea Party, he has the knack for getting quoted and noticed, most recently with his barbed criticism of the pace of federal permitting for offshore drilling. Whether he wins or loses next year's election against Congressman Charles Boustany in the newly merged 3rd District, he will be well-positioned for a Senate run.

   A lot can change in three years, though, including Gov. Jindal's mind. When asked at qualifying if he would complete a second term, he said simply, "Yes." But after a renewed push on his agenda in the next two legislative sessions, in early 2014, he can always say he "completed" what he had set out to do and is ready to take the state's fight to Washington. That door is not quite shut.

In the world of politics, “yes” to a question could easily become "no".  Or, how about an “I did not say that”, or “I was misquoted” or “I did not understand the question” or simply, "huh?".

However, I personally will take the Governor at his word that he means what he has said, especially since the statement has been well publicized and the Governor certainly would be able to distance himself from it now, rather than later.

I would imagine that the Republican candidates who might be eyeing that seat would be somewhat miffed if the Governor somehow makes moves towards that powerful political plum.  

 I hope Governor Jindal stays where he is and puts all possible discussion about his future career to rest.  Unfortunately, so much of the criticism lodged against him these past years have been based upon the perceived notion that his actions and decisions were motivated by his futuret job title. 

The Governor, who just made 40 this year, has plenty of political life left to go.  In fact, he could do exceedingly well in the private sector and never need to think about a public sector job  ever again.  

We shall see..

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Billy Pulpit 

In his role as Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser issued this statement concerning a recent BP oil spill report:

"From the beginning we have struggled to get BP to do the right thing in regards to the cleanup process.  Today, there remains much work to be done and the damages from the oil spill remain a daily factor our coastal residents deal with.  We continue to see oil in the marsh and tar balls washing up on shore.  This report validates BP's terrible track record.  They must remain accountable until our families that have been destroyed by this disaster are made whole again and our coast is returned to the natural resource we can rely on,” said Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser.

Nungesser is a candidate for the Lt. Governor’s spot running against Jay Dardenne.

Republicans Are Coming, Republicans Are Coming 

Well, for now at least, there are two Presidential hopefuls who will break bread with us here in Louisiana.

The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign announced on Thursday today that Paul will attend the grand opening of his Louisiana state headquarters.  The grand opening will take place on Friday, September 23rd beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Louisiana headquarters, located at 7047 Jefferson Highway, Suite B in Baton Rouge. 

The event will occur immediately after Dr. Paul’s speech to “Youth for Ron Paul” members at Louisiana State University, also in Baton Rouge.

Then, Tea Party favorite,  Michelle Bachman, will be in Mandeville on October 1 at the Fleur De Lis Center.  She will also be featured at a breakfast.  (Presumably, there will be tea).  For more information, go to

After the Billy Nungesser issued a statement this week, announcing that Sammy Kershaw, the popular musician who ran for Lt. Governor last year is now supporting the Plaquesmines Parish President, Jason Hebert, Campaign Spokesman for the Jay Dardenne Campaign issued the following statement.

“Sammy is a nice man. He wanted a job, and Jay wouldn’t provide one. Sammy endorsed Jay anyway last year. Is Sammy willing to say that he won’t be getting a job or any money from Billy Nungesser or the Lt. Governor’s office? Jay is accomplishing everything that he and Sammy talked about prior to his endorsement. Jay doesn’t talk about government being out of control, he’s doing something about it. You can’t just create jobs for your friends. If this is the price of shrinking government, Jay will gladly take the heat.” 

And, just think, we have just finished the qualifying period.  Do you think this race will get nasty?

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of

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