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Monday, 28 November 2011 22:46
Herman Cain-Ginger White Comedy Show Comes To Sex Town
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Cain-hatThe Herman Cain-the other woman sex comedy show has come to town.

That "he said-she said" farce has another actress today, a Georgia woman named Ginger White.

She says they did, he says "no way"

So, here's what others are saying, about the matter of Cain  versus the other women whom the Republican Presidential candidate claims are lying:

 “After denying four separate accusations of sexual harassment, Cain found himself late Monday facing an account by an Atlanta businesswoman of a 13-year extramarital affair--and she has phone records to back up her claim. While Cain is denying the latest allegations, his lawyer, Lin Wood, offered comments that practically amounted to a confirmation:

"This appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults - a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public. No individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official, should be questioned about his or her private sexual life," Wood said.

Um, did Wood sleep through the Clinton administration?

Are we supposed to believe that if Cain cheated on his wife, Gloria, for more than a decade—the same wife he sent onto Greta Van Susteren’s show to stand by her man—that isn’t relevant information for voters? After all, Newt Gingrich has gotten hammered for his serial adulteries, for which he has sought forgiveness.”

Howard Kurz, Daily Beast

According to a report on the station's website, White said she came forward because someone who knew her had contacted various media outlets about the affair. "I wanted to give my side before it was thrown out there and made out to be something filthy," she told WAGA-TV reporter Dale Russell.

Though White said her relationship with Cain was consensual, she said she has been concerned by Cain's treatment of women who in recent weeks have claimed to have been sexually harassed by him when he headed the restaurant lobby group from 1996 to 1999. "It bothered me that they were being demonized, sort of," she said.

White was described by the station as a single mother who settled a sexual harassment claim against an employer in 2001 and declared bankruptcy 23 years ago. She said she began a relationship with Cain in the late 1990s in Louisville, Ky., where Cain had a speaking engagement.

Cain invited her to his hotel room after they had drinks, she claimed, then told her, "I'd like to see you again," and invited her to Palm Springs. She said Cain flew her to cities where he was speaking and lavished her with gifts, including inscribed copies of his motivational books.

White produced her cellphone bills, which included 61 calls or text messages to what she said was Cain's personal cellphone, with the most recent taking place in September. The TV station texted the number and Cain returned the call. He said he knew White, who had his number because he was "trying to help her financially," according to the station's report.

Cain, who told CNN his first reaction to the allegations was "Here we go again," said he was worried about the effects on his wife and family. "I can take the lumps," he said. "I expected this stuff when I made the decision to run for president. … My wife and my family, that's my No. 1 concern."


A Dunwoody woman is speaking out to Channel 2 Action News after she said she had an off-and-on affair with presidential hopeful Herman Cain over the course of 13 years. 

Ginger White spoke to Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri outside her Dunwoody apartment Monday night. 

White said the main thing she wants people to know is she never intended for this story to hurt anyone and she felt like she had no choice but to come forward. 

"My heart goes out to many people. This was not something that I wanted, to hurt anyone, not a fun, not a fun thing," White said. 

Vitieri asked White why she decided to come forward with her story about an affair with Cain now. 

"There were threats of people coming out with their version, not that any version was very pretty. But I thought it was important to at least come out with my story, my side of the story," White said.


Little is known about White, who was married to former University of Southern Mississippi basketball star John White for five years before divorcing in 1998, other than her financial struggles.

A check of court records found that White has been sued numerous times for allegedly not paying rent, including nine times this year in DeKalb County court, most of them by Ashford Park Apartments in Dunwoody.

Her mother, reached just after the TV report aired, had several people in her apartment talking in the background about the report but she politely passed on any comment to her daughter’s attorney.

Buckley acknowledged that his client — he represented her in a harassment case against an employer about a decade ago that was settled — has had debt issues come up in court.

“She’s had a difficult time finding employment and has struggled to make ends meet,” he said. “I don’t know if it makes her any less credible than you or me. I think she’s very credible and a nice individual.”

White told Channel 2 that she has no reason to lie and furthermore going public had already had her facing media scrutiny. Reporters were already tracking her down to her doorsteps.

“Who would want this? It’s really not been fun.”

Atlanta Journal Consitution


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