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Monday, 19 July 2010 13:21
Tea Party Still Stirs In Louisiana And US Despite NAACP Charges
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jeffcrouere_150_200Despite a total blackout from the liberal media in the New Orleans area, the Northshore Tea Party attracted 2,000 people to the Fleur de Lis Center in Mandeville on Saturday. This was the group’s largest crowd in their 18 month history as part of the incredible tea party movement, the most substantial political force to hit this country in decades.

Unfortunately, hundreds of people were turned away as only 1,100 people were allowed in the building. The seating capacity was reached well before the event started. It was an enthusiastic crowd of patriotic, flag waving, God fearing Americans who are upset about the direction of this nation.

There was no racism or hatred toward any individual or group of people. At the event, there were no crazy signs or nasty slurs being uttered. Instead, there were patriotic songs, recognition for our heroic veterans, and a deep appreciation that the nation we love so much is in serious trouble.  

People flocked to the rally to hear from former Louisiana House Speaker Hunt Downer, Candidate for Congress in the 3rd District, Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser and Brigitte Gabriel, recognized expert on global Islamic terrorism.

The crowd was enthralled by the speakers and the only complaint was that the venue was too small. The rally occurred only a few days after the NAACP charged the tea party movement with being a racist organization. These unfounded and scurrilous charges only motivated more people to attend the event. In fact, people came from all over the area—Washington Parish, Baton Rouge, the south shore and Mississippi.

Fortunately, no one was scared away by the unfair and untrue NAACP attacks. For the past two rallies, the Northshore Tea Party has invited an African American minister to lead the opening prayer. For this rally, the featured speaker with an American of Lebanese descent, Brigitte Gabriel, who became a citizen of the United States because she loves the freedom and values that this country represents. Ms. Gabriel rejects any hyphenated label and considers herself only one thing, an American.

In her riveting speech, she spoke about her harrowing experiences surviving Islamic terrorism and warned the crowd about the real motivation of the Middle Eastern radicals who hate this nation. She noted the growing problems of Islamic radicalism in Europe and the lax border security in this country that is allowing dangerous terrorists to enter America. Ms. Gabriel highlighted the terrorist sleeper cells that operate in communities throughout this nation. She also alerted the audience about the efforts to promote Sharia law in America.

In her powerful speech, Ms. Gabriel made an impact not only because of her compelling life story, but also because she is speaking the truth about a situation that our nation is ignoring at our own peril. As the Obama administration turns NASA into a Muslim outreach operation and New York City considers building a Mosque on the sacred site of the 9-11 attacks, there can be only one conclusion, there is something seriously wrong with the direction of this nation. In the critical weeks and months ahead, hopefully more people will listen to the wise advice of Brigitte Gabriel as she cautions America about the dangerous nature of radical Islamic terrorism.

The Northshore Tea Party was proud to sponsor Ms. Gabriel and the other speakers. It was the type of event that will hopefully make a long lasting impact and motivate people to take action as we try to save our nation.

The rally was promoted on my Ringside radio program (WGSO 990-AM, M-F, 7-11 a.m.), WSHO Radio 800-AM and on the Internet, but the mainstream news media chose to ignore the event. Of course, liberal reporters will flock to cover the protests of the NAACP, but they will not cover the truth of the tea party movement. The media is in constant tizzy reporting about some crazy signs or statements of purported tea party “leaders,” but refuse to interview the real strength of the movement, the concerned citizens who attend the events. This movement is grassroots in nature, there are no real leaders, and the people are leading this campaign for change and not taking direction from any politicians.

After six events, the Northshore Tea Party is stronger than ever, just like the national movement. Despite serious attacks and premature reports about the death of the tea party, the movement is having an ever greater impact on the national political scene.

The secret of their success is that the tea party movement rests on the constitutional principles that have stood the test of time for over 200 years. For this country to survive, we must reverse course and return to those principles as soon as possible.

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