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Louisiana Politics: Vitter,JIndal game; Cell phone ban, Romney VP search
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vitter-jindalJindal versus Vitter

Most local politicos have known that the two top GOP leaders in Louisiana, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and U.S. Senator David Vitter are light years away on various issues with the Senator frequently taking a dig at the Governor’s legislative policies and courage while at the same time commending him for at least, something.


A column by John Maginnis today outlines their differences including personal ones existing since the days of the Vitter scandal.

Back then, Vitter made his comeback-kid apology at a Metairie hotel immediately within an hour before Jindal made his Jefferson Parish announcement that he would be running for the gubernatorial spot.  The key story of the evening news was not Jindal, but, the Louisiana U.S. Senator.  Relations have gone downhill since then.

Last week, Vitter sent out his email to his “team” stating “ and at least to this reader, seemed more of the same from the Senator.

Vitter said, “On the heels of an exciting and important team effort to bring bold education reform in Louisiana, the legislature and Gov. Jindal now shift their focus to another huge challenge for Louisianians -- tackling the massive debt in our state pension system.

We need to tackle these massive unaccrued liabilities and I support the recent policy changes the governor proposed and encourage our legislature to make this big step forward in righting the ship on pension reform.

But all this discussion about budgets brings me to a related thought: our state government needs to get out of the habit of using one-time money to balance our yearly budgets. It's not sound fiscal policy and all it does is kick the can down the road from making the tough, but necessary, budget decisions for our state. That practice is too akin to Washington's way of business, and Louisianians rightly acknowledge Washington doesn't know the first thing about fiscal stewardship.

I hope and encourage our conservative reformers in state government to put in place a mechanism that doesn't allow the use of one-time money to band-aid budgets year by year. It will certainly make budget decisions tougher, but I believe it will also make our fiscal house healthier in the long run.


Governor Jindal has balanced the budget which he has told national audiences, but, recent budgets have relied upon stimulus and one time money to fill the gaps. 

Early this session, the governor’s budget needed funds coming from government employees increased percentage of contribution for their pensions.  That proposal was met with anger from legislators and certainly from the government employees.  Now, the Governor is proposing that the increase in government employee contributions go to the existing un-accrued debt rather than into the general fund.

Complaints are also being made that the budget is dependent upon the sale of certain state assets which could be viewed as one-time money.

Any chance the Senator might have been thinking the "guv" when he referred to “kicking the can”  and “conservative reformers” in his letter to his team?

Louisiana Legislature

Today, the House Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works voted 9-7 in favor of House Bill 787 by Rep. Regina Barrow, D-Baton Rouge which would ban hand-held cellphone and other "wireless communications devices"  use by the driver.  The bill now heads to the House.



If Governor Jindal is serious about having his name discussed for the veep job, now is the time to doing some thinking.  So far, the governor has said he will stay in his job as governor. Others believe that he might sing another tune should Romney sound the JIndal for Vice President song. 

Today, Mitt Romney's presidential campaign confirmed that adviser Beth Myers will lead the search for the VP spot.   The comments were made to ABC news and reported by the political ticker. 

"This weekend was the first time we seriously really talked about it and there are some wonderful people out there," said Romney said regarding the search for a running mate. 

 GSA and the 5th

According to the Hill, the General Services Administration official at the center of a scandal over lavish government spending declined to answer questions at a congressional hearing on Monday, invoking the Fifth Amendment.

"Mr, Chairman, on the advice of my counsel I respectfully decline to answer based upon my Fifth Amendment constitutionally privilege," Jeff Neely, the GSA official, said repeatedly in response to a string of questions from Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Issa had subpoenaed Neely for his role in organizing a 2010 Las Vegas conference of the GSA's Public Buildings Service, for which Neely serves as a regional commissioner.

A damning GSA Inspector General report, released earlier this month, detailed the almost $823,000 taxpayer-funded tab for the conference, including $146,527 for catered food, $6,325 for commemorative coins and $75,000 for a cooperation-building exercise to construct bicycles.

Read the story here.

steve sabludowsky01by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of

Nearly Half of All Living Nobel Prize Laureates in the Sciences Personally Endorse a Repeal of Bobby Jindal’s Science Education Act, auto; ">
zimmermanHow is race and politics impacting the Martin, Zimmerman case?  Discuss this topic by clicking here.


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