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The black and white of Zimmerman and race talk between two friends
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crouere-sabludowsky-punchingWhen Jeff Crouere and I talk politics on his WGSO 990 morning talk show every Tuesday, there is rarely a point of agreement. 


While our voting records on key elected officials are often very similar, our political philosophies are not.

Jeff is a proud founder/leader of the Northshore Tea Party, I rarely drink tea, period.

So, yesterday was no exception when we launched into a conversation about the George Zimmerman trial.  

It is important to say up front, Jeff and I both feel the prosecution did not prove their case but we don’t concur on much more than that.

So, with his permission, because there are legitimate issues involving Zimmerman, blacks, Obama, racism in which great friends can disagree, I offer part one of this rather contentious but I think interesting radio segment for your enjoyment, edification and masochistic tendencies.

In this segment, Crouere and I discuss matters such as:  

Whether George Zimmerman has redeemed himself after his heroic act early this week of helping a stranger in distress?

Whether President Obama should have inserted himself into the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case last Friday at his most recent press conference?

The relative advantages of being black versus white;

Who is to blame for the black’s condition of relative poverty, unemployment and broken families?

Are whites racially profiling blacks, and if so, why?

 Whether whites should be blamed for sins of their fathers?

Whether Obama has squandered an opportunity to bring the races together?

Part II, tomorrow

By the way, don’t forget to attend our Politics with a Punch tomorrow night when Jeff Crouere, the show’s moderator, tries his best and is quite often successful in detaching himself from his own political preferences.  In doing so, he plays the role of a “fair and balanced” moderator trying to bring a sense of levity to a maddening world of strong political differences.

Listen to Part I

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