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Maness respond to talk of Seabaugh's Louisiana U.S. Senate run vs. Cassidy
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The race for U.S. Senate is roughly one year from now, but the campaign gets more interesting as it gets closer.

For one, most thought the competition would be against current republican Congressman Bill Cassidy and Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu.  Then, walked in tea-party favorite Col. Rob Maness who is running to the right of Cassidy.  According to Maness, Cassidy is not conservative enough for Louisiana and Landrieu must be beaten.

Lately, another republican name has surfaced in being a contender--State Rep. Alan Seabaugh.  

manessSome now wonder should Seabaugh step into the ring, whom would it help?

For one, perhaps, it is Mary Landrieu.  Would it also mean that other republicans might also enter the field?  


Regardless, the additional GOP face is already making one candidate to react.

Below is a press release from Maness's spokesperson, James Hartman, entitled "DEAR REP. SEABAUGH: THANKS! 

State Rep. Alan Seabaugh (R-Shreveport) has indicated he's pondering a run for U.S. Senate in 2014, and has acknowledged that Col. Rob Maness's campaign is growing while Congressman Bill Cassidy has no chance against Mary Landrieu.

"We appreciate that Rep. Seabaugh agrees with what we've been saying for several months now: Congressman Cassidy isn't conservative enough for Louisiana and isn't strong enough to beat Mary Landrieu," said James Hartman, communications director for the Maness Campaign. "Even the Democrats agree with that. Congressman Cassidy's record of opposing Obamacare after proposing Cassidycare here in Louisiana, combined with his generous donations to liberals - including Senator Landrieu - will, in fact, hang like an albatross around his neck."

In a story published Tuesday in the Shreveport Times, Seabaugh also acknowledged that while exploring his own possible candidacy, a familiar name keeps popping up.

"In the course of his normal touring - visiting business associations and other constituents - Seabaugh said he began to hear the name Maness frequently as an alternative for Cassidy," the story says. Seabaugh also said, however, that he doesn't consider Maness a "serious candidate."

"That's really very interesting," Hartman said. "He keeps hearing Rob Maness's name during the course of 'normal touring,' but doesn't see Rob as a 'serious candidate'? That would seem a big incongruous, wouldn't it?"

Maness announced his candidacy in May, knowing that as a political outsider fundraising would be a challenge. But more than $100,000 has come in, much of it in small contributions from citizens who want to see true conservative principles of limited government, lower taxes, and Constitutional principles upheld. He has been touring Louisiana ever since, racking up more than 23,000 miles on his truck.

"We appreciate Rep. Seabaugh's service in the Legislature, and him sharing our belief that Bill Cassidy is far too liberal for our state," Hartman said. "We also look forward to a spirited campaign over the next 13 months. It's a race we're in to win by taking Rob's message to the people, no matter who else might emerge from the political establishment. Rob is the only political outsider in this race - the only one not supported by a party machine but by the people he wants to represent. Col. Rob Maness is one of us."

(Photo: Rob Maness)

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