Mr. Louisiana-personified, David Vitter, officially eyes the mansion

Written by  // Tuesday, 21 January 2014 13:43 //

David Vitter HouseSo it is officially official. Republican US Sen. David Vitter presumably, after checking with family and his maker, has decided to jump into the ring for the next Louisiana governor's mansion occupant. 

Why not?


While Democrats claim he has done very little in getting any legislation passed while in the U.S. Senate-- even when President Bush was at the helm, it matters little.  He now wants to be governor and his lack of a congressional track record is his calling card for many.

Those who will support him believe he personifies Louisiana and I believe he does.  He is anti-choice, or against abortion, appears to frown on inter-racial marriages, has run TV commercials against Mexicans entering the country, is against anything and everything President Obama has ever supported.

He was in favor of the government shutdown, against all of the federal bailouts and could be counted upon as a sure vote anytime anti-Obama’s needed a vote.   He is the Louisiana version of Ted Cruz and he obviously likes that association as do those he needs in his camp.

Yep, David Vitter represents Louisiana like no other candidate running for Louisiana governor.

For sure, he will get the Tea Party vote and the Duck Dynasty backing. 

Senator David Vitter will show the Louisiana citizens and the world that Bobby Jindal is a liberal in wolf’s clothing.

Undoubtedly, his opponents will bring out his now-infamous sin, his being Senator Neaux from Louisiana and will depict him as evil and vile as any candidate ever to run for state office.

In doing so, they might just make the case for his candidacy just as those opposing David Duke actually helped lionize the man from District 81, the same Louisiana house district giving Louisiana, Representative Vitter.

Those running against him such as Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne and possibly John Kennedy (should he run) will need to define or re-define themselves, especially if Mary Landrieu wins this fall and her brother gets his second term as New Orleans Mayor and then announces that he likewise wants a chance to bed in the mansion.

What will be most interesting to see is whether Republicans begin to attack Vitter on the issues and on his own record and his personality.  He is not well-liked outside of his loyal followers.  He has made an enemies list that Richard Nixon would envy.  He virtually owns the word vindictive.

Yet, despite his Harvard background, David Vitter is as Louisiana as alligator hunts, Cajuns and weekend festivals and of course, anyone who detests the new healthcare law.

He is the man of the Louisiana moment.  His presence in this governor’s race will maintain Louisiana politics as the state’s sport in a state known as the “sportsman paradise”.  

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