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Jindal still among most unpopular but, who cares about polls?
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Governor Bobby Jindal is not concerned about polls.Jindal-collage

At least that is what he and sometimes his political advisor, spokesperson, and best friend Timmy Teepell always seems to say when a poll shows the Presidential-election-bound governor is immensely unpopular in the state in which he, at one point in time, could have been anointed Emperor.


According to The Advocate, a poll claims Jindal is one of the most unpopular governors in Louisiana. This is actually an improvement from last year, when he was the second most unpopular governor in the US. 

His unfavorables are 53%.

While he might be immensely popular with the national GOP folks who only know him by his canned TV appearances, his OpEds in Politico and the Wall Street Journal and or course, his paid-speeches--back home, where it really matters (right now), he’s surely not.

The PPP poll narrative said, “Bobby Jindal continues to be one of the most unpopular Governors in the country, with only 35% of voters approving of him to 53% who disapprove. Even among Republican primary voters in his home state only 37% want him to run for President, compared to 51%  who think he should sit it out. Mike Huckabee is the top choice of GOP primary voters in the state at 20% to 13% for Jindal, 12% for Ted Cruz, 10% for Rand Paul, 9% for Jeb Bush, 8% each for Chris Christie and Paul Ryan, 7% for Marco Rubio, and 2% for Scott Walker.”

As per the Advocate:

“The North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling, which generally works with Democrats, drew that conclusion after surveying 635 Louisiana voters between Feb. 6 and Feb. 9. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.9 percent for the overall survey.

Fifty-three percent said they disapprove of Jindal’s job performance.

Jindal responded in a prepared statement: “I don’t care about polls. Here are the types of numbers that matter to me – jobs created, graduation rates, student test scores, and number of kids formerly trapped in failing schools who are now getting an equal opportunity for a good education. Those are the numbers that matter to me and to the people of Louisiana.”

So, the governor and his political staff claim that Jindal does not care about polls.

So, let’s see:

Last year, Fax-Net’s Lou Gehrig Burnett wrote in the Bossier Press, “Three political polls conducted in Louisiana were released last week, and they had widely differing results. It reinforces what many political analysts always say: Look at who paid for the poll to determine its viability.

Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal and his buddy and top campaign consultant Timmy Teepell touted a poll which showed the governor’s approval rating had made a remarkable positive leap.

Jindal, Teepell, and the LAGOP yelled from the top of the state capitol, well at least from the fourth floor, that 50% of the state’s voters now approve of the job the governor is doing.

A closer look revealed that the poll had been conducted by Teepell’s employer OnMessage Inc. out of Alexandria, Virginia, and was paid for by the Bobby Jindal campaign.

The euphoria among the Jindal faithful was short-lived. Next came a poll from the GOP polling firm, Harper Polling/Conservative Intel. It was not revealed who paid for the poll, if anyone did.

The results burst the Jindal campaign’s bubble, giving the governor an approval rating of 35%. That’s the same result Southern Media Opinion & Research (SMOR) got when it polled back in April 2013.

But the bad news for the Jindal faithful was not over just yet. A third poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP), independently conducted, came in with an approval rating of 28% for Jindal, a far cry from the 50% he had in his own poll.

One can give the Jindal campaign an E for effort in trying to boost the governor’s political stock. In politics, however, timing is everything.

There was no way the Jindal camp knew that two more polls would be released just hours after their Jindal-Teepell poll.

The PPP approval rating of 28% makes Jindal the most unpopular of all Republican governors. 

Which suggests that polls really do matter, otherwise, why the heck would Jindal’s own PR firm (Teepell and gang) do them—other than to create its own spin to counter the cyclone of negative press that comes with flailing helplessly in the poll tubes. 

Or, maybe the governor and Teepell meant that the only polls that count are the ones they commission. 

Either way, perhaps someone needs to pinch the governor and wake him up as he is now stepping into another legislative battle when often his only allies are what appears to be one or two paid-for-bloggers and koolaiders plus the political party apparatchik financially beholden to him. 

Yet, Governor Jindal should not despair.  Although his high-negative poll numbers  are now at least one year and counting in duration,  he soon has the opportunity to hit the road for real in Iowa, New Hampshire and GOP pit-stops elsewhere. 

Then Teepell and the governor could say, “We don’t concern ourselves with polls, what we are concerned about is the future of the American people so they can be ensured of  more jobs, higher incomes, more exports, and higher GDP than at any time in our history, the future of America can be bright…

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