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Tuesday, 17 January 2012 13:39
Louisiana Presidential GOP Politics Pit Jindal, RINO's And Tea
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la-president-politicsAs the fight for Republican Presidential delegates votes continue on a national stage in South Carolina and beyond, there is a brewing debate in Louisiana GOP-land.  Questions are being raised whether the state GOP is siding with the traditional party activists and with the Romney camp with the Party staging its delegate selection in the “later” months rather than the “sooner”.

 Yesterday, the Louisiana GOP announced “The Republican Party of Louisiana will conduct congressional district caucuses on Saturday, April 28, 2012 for the purpose of electing delegates to the Louisiana Republican State Convention. Delegates to the Republican National Convention will be elected by the State Convention on June 2nd in Shreveport.”

Some members of the GOP are complaining that this decision to hold the selection so much further into the process condemns the party to simply confirm the damage that has been wroght  by the other  states’ primaries.  Their fear is by the time Louisiana Republicans get to decide, the GOP nomination party will be over.   

Angry Louisiana GOP supporters are claiming that Governor Bobby Jindal is leading the current Party decision and is caving into the Romney forces.  The argument goes that Romney could be the only one standing after Super Tuesday and Jindal will be left without.

The theory is that Jindal is looking out for his future national career and wants to make nice to Romney after being a top spokesperson for Texas’s Presidential flop, Governor Rick Perry.   Also in the cross-hairs is Louisiana GOP Chairman, Roger Villere, who is a top official for the national party.  Apparently, some members of the GOP believe Villere siding with the nationals rather than with the anti-Romneys.

Whether Jindal or Villere are putting their personal political ambitions ahead of those who support other GOP Presidential candidates is a discussion party members can debate. This is an internal fight that the GOP, which is now the controlling party in state government, will have during the presidential cycle and obviously, an issue for them to resolve, presumably at their convention.

However, the issue itself does have some resonance beyond domestic party politics within the realm of the Tea Party versus the traditional GOP landscape.

To date, the Tea Party has been the real de-facto conservative wing of the Republican Party.  In Louisiana and throughout the nation, the Tea Party has ignited the “anyone-but-Romney-votes” although all of the other candidates have been feverishly courting that population.  In Tea Party parlance, Romney is a RINO (Republican in name only) and does not speak for their real conservative values, at all. 

Many also believe that his role in Bain Capital is a real negative and that the Democratic Party and the Obama administration will make hay out of “Vulture Capitalist” label being promoted by the likes of Perry, Newt Gingrich and surrogates.   They fear a vote for Romney is a vote for the “evil” pretender, President Barack Obama.

Unquestionably, the Tea party is closely aligned with the Republican Party rather than the Democrats.  It is very doubtful if many Democratic candidates will get much or any support from that sector of the political spectrum in the near or far future, so to some extent, the mainstream GOP can do what they like.

However, where this  “Traditional GOP” vs. Tea Party brew-ha-ha could percolate is during the upcoming legislative session and in at least one upcoming Congressional race this fall—the newly reshaped 3rd Congressional District.

Currently, it appears that Tea Party favorite freshman Republican Congressman Jeff Landry from New Iberia will take on fellow Republican Congressman Charles Boustany of Lafayette. Their separate districts are merging into a single district and political observers are calling this election Boustany versus Landry or traditional GOP versus the Tea’s.

Landry won that political and bloody “knife-fight” when he recently took on former Louisiana House Speaker Hunt Downer for the congressional seat.  In the upcoming months, we can see more of the same brother versus brother slashings in the 3rd Congressional District trenches.

It will be interesting to see how this battle for the party muscle plays during the legislative, delegate selection and Congressional elections battlefields this year.  Regardless, no matter the anger existing with the GOP family, there is and will be overwhelming unanimity on one issue—RINO’s are far superior to Demos and their president.  

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Bayoubuzz Interview with Roger Villere, Fall 2011 

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