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Energetic debate over Landrieu’s new TV commercial
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GNO-FEMA-LandrieuThe debate venue has shifted, if only for a moment, away from healthcare to Energy as US Senator Mary Landrieu unleashed a one-minute commercial showcasing her “fighting” for Louisiana in the energy arena, especially as she has assumed the powerful spot of Chairman of the Senate energy committee.


The opposition, who has been trying to link Landrieu to Obamacare, at every opportunity, has continued with the general theme, her connection to Obama and liberal democrats, even as the Democrat emphasizes her position of strength, energy chair in an energy-rich state.

Below are the responses from the Louisiana Republican Party and the Landrieu Campaign in making this public argument:

Times-Picayune – Sen. Landrieu's campaign is out with new TV ad portraying a fighter for oil and gas jobs

"The ads are intended to show that Landrieu is a fighter for oil and gas jobs in Louisiana, and willing to stand up to the leader of her own party, President Barack Obama, to protect those jobs."

CNN –Landrieu touts fight for oil and gas jobs in new ad

"Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is taking to the airwaves Tuesday with a new ad that touts her efforts on behalf of the oil and gas industry, which employs 300,000 people in the state."

The Hill –Landrieu ad touts Energy chairmanship

"The narrator says Landrieu 'forced' the offshore drilling moratorium to end and worked to ensure Louisianians received oil royalties.

"Now as the new chairman of the Energy committee, she holds the most powerful position in the Senate for Louisiana,' the narrator adds."

(VIDEO) Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe – Senate Dem ad hits at '90 miles an hour'

"Mary Landrieu always figures out a way to win. That was a good ad."

USA Today –Landrieu's new campaign ad stresses fight for energy industry

"Her new campaign commercial is aimed at showing her independence from the Obama administration and willingness to fight the White House on issues such as the moratorium on drilling after the BP spill in 2010 and offshore royalties."

Washington Times – New campaign ad for Sen. Mary Landrieu touts her work for Louisiana oil and gas workers

"'Just Louisiana, it’s 300,000 people who go to work in this industry,' she says in one clip. 'You can’t just beat up on them.'"

Washington Post's Aaron Blake –"Just a really great ad for the Landrieu campaign"

Mary Landrieu’s recently-released television commercial features footage of her speaking at a Senate committee hearing. But look close and the scene is actually re-enacted – complete with a wardrobe change for Landrieu and actors portraying Congressional staffers.

There’s a reason for Landrieu’s misdirection campaign.

While she tries to play herself off as someone in touch with Louisiana, the truth is that Landrieu is one of Barack Obama’s most reliable “yes” votes in the United States Senate -- siding with him 97 percent of the time. Moreover, The Wall Street Journal reported that Landrieu’s leadership PAC has given hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions to some of the most anti-energy members of the Senate. And as her first act as Energy Chair, she voted to confirm an anti-energy Obama appointee who will have the power to negatively impact domestic oil and gas production.

“It’s fitting that Landrieu’s latest commercial tries to pass off video footage of a fake committee hearing as the real thing,” LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere said. “This is another example of Mary Landrieu trying to create an alternate reality to fool Louisianans."

“Mary Landrieu can recreate a committee hearing, but she can’t rewrite her track record of rubberstamping President Obama’s agenda and working behind the scenes to advance his anti-energy policies. Revisionist history can’t change how out of touch Mary Landrieu actually is with the priorities of the people of Louisiana," Villere said.


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