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Will Gusman Run For New Orleans Mayor vs. Landrieu?
Written by  // Wednesday, 25 January 2012 10:56 //

gusmanWe'll leave our crescent city brethren to sort through these rumors...but:

Several sources have indicated that Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman has been mulling running for Mayor of the Big Easy. 

With murders spiraling out of control down there, a candidate with law enforcement credentials might be able to crack Mitch's powerful political base. Furthermore, African-Americans have been speaking frankly about the lack of Af-Am elected officials in a city that is more than 60% black. With the city council about to add another white woman (Councilwoman Stacy Head is expected to win the open At-Large seat) to a citywide position, would the combination of the two elements make a popular, experienced politician like Sheriff Gusman have a chance in 2014? It seems like a long way away.

Through the magic of the internet, we are also informed that Gusman is a former city council member, and Ivy-league grad, and a lawyer from Loyola. Far from being a one-note law enforcement candidate, Gusman might be able to show off his executive pedigree as well

by Lamar Parmentel, Chief curator of the Daily Kingfish



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