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Thursday, 29 May 2014 10:48
Landrieu Compares Detroit, NOLA; Ochsner, Miss USA, Lafayette-Denver Routes
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new-orleans-tourismMayor Landrieu compares New Orleans and Detroit; research project on brain disorder; United flying from Lafayette to Denver, and more... These are the latest business news for the New Orleans/Louisiana area.


Mayor Landrieu Compares New Orleans and Detroit
In an opinion piece for the Detroit Free Press, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu writes that Detroit can come back, just like New Orleans has done. He argues that “there is no greater engine for growth, no greater power for innovation, and no smarter investment to make than in Detroit.” He compares the post-Katrina recovery New Orleans went through to the recovery and rebuilding process that lies ahead of Detroit. He also stresses the importance of caring for and investing in Detroit: “Only if we remain one nation, indivisible, can we be strong. We need each other.”

Read the whole opinion

Brain Disorder Research Project
Shyamal Desai, PhD, Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans, is asking the public for donations for a research project that can help children with “a rare inherited brain disorder (Ataxia Telangectasia or A-T) that can confine them to a wheelchair by age 12 and take their lives a decade later.” Dr. Desai says that there are currently no means to slow or stop the progression, so there is an urgent need to find a new drug. To create a new drug, researchers need to know what triggers the neurodegeneration that again triggers the disorder. Dr. Desai will try to raise the $25,000 necessary for the research project. She says: “As a scientist, I should not get emotional when I perform my research. “But, that is easier said than done when you meet an anxious mother seeking to find the cure for her disabled A-T child.”

Read more about Dr. Desai’s research.

Lafayette Adds Daily Flights to Denver
On August 19, United Airlines will begin flying non-stop between Lafayette Regional Airport and Denver International Airport. There will be one arriving and one departing flight every day throughout the week. According to Acadiana Business, “Denver has consistently been one of the top five destinations for travelers flying out of Lafayette. Denver is the 15th busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic and 5th in the world in terms of aircraft movements.”

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St. Charles Parish Hospital and Ochsner Health Collaboration
St. Charles Parish Hospital and Ochsner Health System are expanding their strategic relationship and services and increasing the access to medical care. The CEO of St. Charles Parish Hospital, Federico Martinez, Jr, said: "We are excited to expand our affiliation with Ochsner. As a community hospital, we have a duty to care for the people of St. Charles Parish. This opportunity allows us to continue to strengthen existing services while increasing access to resources not currently available to our patients."

Some of the shared services today are Ochsner's Telestroke program, Neurology services and Primary Care services. Like Martinez, Warner Thomas, Ochsner CEO and President, is highly pleased with the cooperative relationship: "St. Charles Parish Hospital is a critical resource for the residents of this parish. The strategic benefits for both organizations will provide better alignment of resources and growth opportunities for their physicians and, most importantly, their patients. Patients will have the convenience of being treated close to home while gaining better access to the depth and breadth of care for which Ochsner is nationally recognized."

WTCNO Executive Speaker Series Continues
The first program of the annual WTCNO Executive Speaker Series will take place on June 23 and feature Hal Carper, Group VP, Research & Development, Logistics & Technical Services, Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods, Inc. is one of the world’s largest processors and marketers of chicken, beef, and pork. It provides products and services to customers in the U.S. and 130 other countries.

John Besh and WWII Museum Break Up
According to the Associated Press, the World War II Museum and John Besh are ending their five year relationship. “The John Besh Restaurant Group’s management agreement with the museum expires July 31 for both the American Sector, known for its playful updates on classic mid-century American dishes like tomato soup, meatloaf and chicken and dumplings, and the Soda Shop.

Museum spokeswoman Kacey Hill says the museum is experiencing record growth and its needs have changed so they’ve decided not to renew its relationship with Besh’s group. She says it’s unclear whether they’ll rename the restaurants. Besh spokeswoman Emery Whalen says the change will allow Besh’s group to focus on expansion of restaurants they own in the city.”

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Miss USA
During the Miss USA contest, fans can influence the results through Twitter. To help secure a sixth spot for their favorite in the final question round, viewers can tweet #SaveTheQueen along with a keyword that will be provided on TV.

Filming Notice
On Friday, May 30 between 6:00PM and 6:00AM, a production company will be shooting scene at the intersection of Religious Street and Market Street. The intersection and Religious Street from Euterpe Street to Felicity Street will therefore be closed between 7:00PM and 6:00AM. The scenes to be shot include both a simulated car crash and simulated gunfire. Law enforcement and EMS will be in place to ensure public safety.

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