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Thursday, 29 May 2014 12:06
Mary Landrieu on Morning Joe; David Vitter Talks VA Scandal; Duck Dynasty Phil on RLC
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landrieu-tea-partyLandrieu Pushes Away from National Democrats, as Seen on MSNBC
Mary Landrieu’s reelection was one of the topics of discussion on this morning’s Morning Joe on MSNBC. Mika Brzezinski asserted that the Louisiana midterm election is poised to be “the lightning rod for the entire 2014 cycle” before turning it over to Kasie Hunt, who traveled to Louisiana to speak to Sen. Landrieu.

 During the interview with Hunt, Sen. Landrieu argued that the clout that comes with her chairmanship in the Energy and Natural Resources Committee only comes around every 25-30 years, and she asked why Louisiana would want to give that up. As Hunt pointed out, oil is the lifeblood of Louisiana, and Sen. Landrieu’s reelection campaign has therefore been focused on that industry and her chairmanship. She has been trying to appear as an independent advocate for Louisiana and, for example, distance herself from Democrats who want to decrease the use of fossil fuels.

Yet, like most Democrats and unlike most Republicans, Landrieu voted for the Affordable Care Act, and that move has brought her numbers down. Col. Rob Maness, the Sarah Palin-endorsed candidate in the midterms, is one of her critics on that point. Bill Cassidy, her main opponent, criticizes her for exaggerating the clout that comes with her chairmanship. For example, he has pointed out, she has so far been unable to make President Obama sign the Keystone XL bill. In response to Cassidy’s criticism, Landrieu pointed out that she does not control the Senate floor, but that she has been able to move important pieces of legislature. Other Landrieu critics include the Koch brothers, whom Landrieu labeled as “very dangerous to the process” because of the immense amount of money they are able to spend. However, she also acknowledged that the threat of these big spenders is present on the Democratic side, too.

Back in the studio, Hunt talked about how careful Landrieu must be in pushing herself away from the national Democrats but not too far from President Obama, considering her dependence on African-American voters. Chuck Todd pointed out that one of her challenges will be all the voters who supported her in 2002 who have moved to different states after Katrina. Furthermore, he said, her previous victories have been based on a good turnout in the white New Orleans suburbs. However, these voters have not been voting Democrat recently to the same extent that they have done earlier.

See video here.

Mary Landrieu Supports Harry Reid for Majority Leader Again
In the Morning Joe interview with Kasie Hunt, Mary Landrieu made clear that if Sen. Harry Reid runs for Senate Majority Leader again, she will support him.

See video here.

Vitter Talks VA and Governor’s Race
Yesterday, David Vitter attended a town hall meeting in Kinder. The first topic was the ongoing VA investigation. Vitter said: "If 10% of the stories that have come out are true - it's an absolute disgrace. I think we need new leadership, new vigor, and new leadership of the VA."

Vitter also said that while focusing on his current job as Senator, he also prepares to run for Governor. On his agenda are education, budget and tax reform, and economic development, as well as any other challenges Louisiana might be facing.

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Phil Robertson at RLC in New Orleans
Tonight, Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” will join Chairman Reince Priebus and Gov. Bobby Jindal as a speaker at the 2014 Republican Leadership Congress in New Orleans. Other speakers are Gov. Rick Perry; US Senators Ted Cruz and David Vitter; Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, and Michele Bachmann.

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