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Jindal signs new Louisiana legislation into law
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capitol-red-blueYesterday, Governor Bobby Jindal signed bills passed by the Legislature into law, bringing the total number of bills signed for the 2014 Regular Legislative Session to 307.



HB 5 by Rep. Pearson: Relates to the Municipal Employees Retirement System.

HB 38 by Rep. Pearson:  Relates to the state retirement system.

HB 105 by Rep. James: Relates to Loan Repayment Assistance Program.

HB 167 by Rep. Greene: Relates to the Louisiana Board of Professional Geoscientists.

HB 186 by Rep. Henry: Relates to the hunting.

HB 195 by Rep. Simon: Relates to Department of Children and Family Services.

HB 242 by Rep. Armes: Relates to the compensation for substitute teachers.

HB 291 by Rep. Jim Morris: Relates to Caddo Fire District No. 1.

HB 293 by Rep. Adams: Relates to gambling. 

HB 298 by Rep. Garofalo: Relates to St. Bernard Parish.

HB 347 by Rep. Badon: Relates to inspection stickers.

HB 349 by Rep. Barras: Relates to public benefit corporations.

HB 371 by Rep. Badon: Relates to Kingswood Subdivision Improvement District.

HB 396 by Rep. Wilmott: Relates to the Nursing Supply and Demand Council.

HB 402 by Rep. Barras: Relates to certain U.S. Highway 90 overpass.

HB 415 by Rep. Hoffman: Relates to the evaluations of teachers and administration.

HB 419 by Rep. Montoucet: Relates to public drainage.

HB 455 by Rep. Ivey: Relates to the Wedgewood Civic Association District in East Baton Rouge Parish.

HB 469 by Rep. Harris: Relates to the purchasing of certain air conditioning coils.

HB 486 by Rep. Talbot: Relates to certain notifications to candidates.

HB 496 by Rep. Arnold: Relates to certain beverage permits.

HB 568 by Rep. St. Germain: Relates to financial security benefits.

HB 582 by Rep. Jones: Relates to the Morgan City Development District.

HB 584 by Rep. Pugh: Relates to the Tangipahoa Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau building.

HB 602 by Rep. Abramson: Relates to The Lighthouse for the Blind in New Orleans, Inc.

HB 610 by Rep. Abramson: Relates to licensed radiologic technologists.

HB 621 by Rep. Abramson: Relates to limited liability companies.

HB 754 by Rep. Moreno: Relates to first responders.

HB 762 by Rep. Ortego: Relates to the Hadley J. Castille-Pecanaire Highway.

HB 791 by Rep. Jackson: Relates to theft. 

HB 792 by Rep. Reynolds: Relates to the office of the assessor.

HB 795 by Rep. Barras: Relates to school buses.

HB 802 by Rep. Barrow:  Relates to toxic mold.

HB 803 by Rep. Bethelot: Relates to state fire marshals.

HB 807 by Rep. Barras: Relates to mortgage brokers and lenders law.

HB 841 by Rep. Leger: Relates to voting trust.

HB 963 by Rep. Garofalo: Relates to unofficial credentials.

HB 998 by Rep. Ortego: Relates to manual on uniform traffic control devices. 

HB 1002 by Rep. Ritchie: Relates to embalmers and funeral directors.

HB 1024 by Rep. Jackson: Relates to drug free zones.

HB 1038 by Rep. Dixon: Relates to DNA testing.

HB 1086 by Rep. Barras: Relates to the creation of nonprofit economic development corporations.

HB 1109 by Rep. Pope: Relates to meetings of planning of certain commissions.

HB 1121 by Rep. Danahay: Relates to a public power authority.

HB 1137 by Rep. Hoffmann: Relates to Income tax checkoffs.

HB 1157 by Rep. Badon: Relates to certain parole supervision.

HB 1228 by Rep. Foil: Relates to educating students with exceptionalities.

HB 1238 by Rep. Moreno: Relates to licenses plates.

HB 1244 by Rep. Wilmott: Relates to the Southeast Regional Airport Authority.

HB 1257 by Rep. Lopinto: Relates to probation.

HB 1263 by Rep. H. Burns: Relates to the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office.

HB 1267 by Rep. Stokes: Relates to certain alarms.


SB 12 by Sen. Gallot: Relates to electronic cigarettes.

SB 39 by Sen. Murray: Relates to partitions of immovable property and minority interests.

SB 55 by Sen. Kostelka: Relates to crimes of violence.

SB 89 by Sen. Peacock: Relates to civil code revisions that pertain to security, pledge and recordation.

SB 101 by Sen. Morrell: Relates to license plates.

SB 106 by Sen. Walsworth: Relates to the Incumbent Worker Training Program.

SB 131 by Sen. Morrell: Relates to license plates.

SB 141 by Sen. Long: Relates to the sale of surface water. 

SB 154 by Sen. Long: Relates to the import of certain fish.

SB 170 by Sen. Long: Relates to the release of certain game, fowl or fish.

SB 174 by Sen. Peterson: Relates to condemnation procedures for dangerous structures.

SB 187 by Sen. Kostelka: Relates to sentencing for drug offenses

SB 189 by Sen. Morrish: Relates to Louisiana byway designation.

SB 192 by Sen. Morrish: Relates to certain trucking regulations.

SB 239 by Sen. Walworth: Relates to the Department of Environmental Equality.

SB 241 by Sen. Thompson: Relates to the Louisiana consumer credit law.

SB 246 by Sen. Morrish: Relates to shrimping.

SB 251 by Sen. Ward: Relates to the sale or purchase of certain animals.

SB 252 by Sen. Nevers: Relates to the 22nd Judicial District Court.

SB 255 by Sen. Martiny: Relates to unfair trade practices.

SB 266 by Sen. Martiny: Relates to investment adviser representative registration.

SB 276 by Sen. Perry: Relates to identification data.

SB 313 by Sen. White: Relates to the crime of home invasions.

SB 317 by Sen. G. Smith: Relates to certain law enforcement checkpoints.

SB 327 by Sen. G. Smith: Relates to license plates.

SB 342 by Sen. Donahue: Relates to the St. Tammany Levee, Drainage, and Conservation District.

SB 363 by Sen. Riser: Relates to the payment of taxes.

SB 472 by Sen. Mills: Relates to the Board of Pardons.

SB 473 by Sen. Mills: Relates to the committee on parole.

SB 476 by Sen. G. Smith: Provides relative to driving school bond requirement and cease and desist orders.

SB 478 by Sen. Claitor: Relates to East Baton Rouge Parish.

SB 510 by Sen. Heitmeier: Relates to the Department of Veteran Affairs.

SB 525 by Sen. Adley: Relates to the abandonment of pipelines.

SB 537 by Sen. Martiny: Relates to the notification of hazardous material incidents.

SB 557 by Sen. Johns: Relates to certain crimes through certain devices.

SB 567 by Sen. G. Smith: Relates to St. Charles Parish.

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