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LSU Student Leader Out of School On Louisiana Governor, Bobby
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steve_sabludowsky01According to another email press release from Governor Bobby Jindal’s press secretary, Kyle Plotkin, “Governor Bobby Jindal will travel to Milwaukee, WI to attend a fundraiser in support of Ron Johnson's U.S. Senate campaign. The Governor will then travel to Madison, WI where he will join gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker at a press availability and then a fundraiser in support of Walker's campaign. Governor Jindal will return to Baton Rouge this evening.”


These notices from Sir Plotkin announcing Jindal’s itinerary now come daily and reveal that our Governor is making friends and gathering political IOU’s across the fruited plain.

Which is good.  So, why would any Louisiana folks complain about our guv campaigning outside Louisiana to convince Wisconsin voters to support state and federal candidates in the state du jour?  Think about it.  Weeks ago, he told us that he was not going to endorse any Louisiana federal candidates because we were bright enough to make up our own minds as to how to vote. Now, after endorsing a Wisconsin federal candidate, surely he is proving that we are smarter than those blokes in Wisconsin, so, just be satisfied as he shows his state off.

After all, citizens in Louisiana are way too smart which is why it is puzzling that the LSU student body president J. Ryan Hudson would ask Jindal to come home and work on the state's budget problems.

It has been reported that Hudson sent a personal plea to Jindal in a New Hampshire newspaper, asking the governor to come back to Louisiana while the Governor was taking his fundraising road show to that state.

"Gov. Bobby Jindal is spending more time in your state than the one he was elected to represent. I read almost daily about his trips to other states, which makes me believe that he is more interested in running for president than running the state of Louisiana,"

"On behalf of the students whose hopes for a brighter future will soon be crushed, I beg you to return to Louisiana and fix your state's serious problems. You've neglected your constituents long enough,"

My lord, why should Hudson be so concerned?

Elections are a mere two weeks away and certainly Governor Jindal will return to work on these distractions such as a 1.5 billion to 3 billion dollar budget deficiency on the near horizon.

That is—until his next tour.   The inevitable book tour, that is.

So, allow me to address President Hudson and his ilk directly:

Just be patient.  Governor Jindal, who this spring had the unfortunate circumstance of halting the completion of his former unfinished book is back from his arduous BP oil spill daily press conferences—and now is ready to reveal his latest slick literary contribution.

According to news accounts, it’s called “Leadership and Crisis” which goes on sale Nov. 15.

Mr. Hudson, I will have you know that instead of showcasing this young conservative as an up-and-coming national riser, where he was going to beat up on that socialist Obama, that budget buster “Stimulus” and “big government”, our state’s head can show his “kinder” side.   Jindal will reveal the extent of the Obama administration’s incompetence during the oil spill.

Which means that Governor Jindal will once again be able to educate us how the feds lacked enough government, resources or money to make us happy which forced him to withstand that withering summer heat as he lectured daily on national TV.

Which also makes one wonder just why the LSU student body President would be begging his governor to return home so soon.

Stay home? Mr. Hudson, do you want our Louisiana political superstar to miss his book tour which some argue is a prelude to a national election run.

Really. Education, Shmeducation.

So what if newspapers across this state are reporting that local colleges and universities are about to freeze or close faculty positions.  Don’t be so negative, man.  Look at the bright side.  This college faculty “brain drain” is simply helping Louisiana with its annual exports.   Plus, sending those professors packing means less liberals in the voting booths and in the classes to contaminate you and your peers' brains.

So, Mr. Hudson you are young.  And, don’t listen to that Paul Sisson, LSUS provost and graduate school director who is reportedly worried about an exodus of potential new academic blood.

According to more of the liberal elite, the media, Sisson recently said, "Your chance of getting a job in a Louisiana university is nil,"   He also added insult to injury by claiming  "If you're a Ph.D student in Louisiana, your first job is going to be out of state."

More liberal lunacy.

The truth is, it’s actually good for Louisiana’s finest to hit the road.  When you think about it, we just don’t have enough jobs in this state anyway and the last thing we need are pointy heads on unemployment and food stamps.

You just don’t know Governor Jindal like I do.

During the height of the BP spill, he had the foresight to spare his chief of staff, Timmy Teepell allowing the second-in-command to hit the campaign trail for Republican governors while the boss defended our coast during the onslaught of those oil balls and waves slapping our shores during those very uncertain  moments of the BP War.  I am sure you recall.  That’s when our leader, Governor Jindal pleaded daily on national television that Louisiana didn’t have a second to spare and our lifestyle and everything else under that hot sun was at stake.

So really, why should you guys in academia fret?

Simply reread Bobby Jindal’s inaugural address and feel comfortable and at ease.

That’s when our newest leader spoke such lofty prose that I am certain put tears in the eyes of us all.

While standing on the state capitol’s steps on that bright January day, our Rhode Scholar who had just taken over the reigns from the Katrina-disaster Blanco uttered these words:

“We have the opportunity to make this change not over the course of decades…but in short order.

We have the opportunity to affect not just our own children’s lives…but the lives of Louisiana children yet to be born.

We have the opportunity – born of tragedy but embraced still the same – to make right decades of failure in government.

You have often heard me say that we do not have a poor state, but a state with poor leadership. That we do not have a state stuck in the past, but leaders who were unconcerned with the future.

If we are honest with ourselves, we can all agree that too many of the stereotypes rang true.

In our past, too many politicians looked out for themselves. Too many arms of state and local government did not get results. And the world took note.

Those stereotypes cost us credibility. They cost us investment. They cost us jobs. “

So, LSU student government President Hudson, please don’t despair.

You and those others on campus are completely mistaken about Governor Jindal.

The real truth is the more you complain, the more you risk Bobby Jindal’s future job.

Also, don’t fret that our Governor is now off campaigning and will be soon peddling his political wares somewhere else while your professors and your fellow students start to hit the road for jobs elsewhere.

Don’t be concerned that the universities are making another major cut under his adminsitration that will surely have an impact upon the availability of the courses you are taking and the quality of your instructors.

Just know that our Governor is not looking out for his own future or his pocketbook as he racks up frequent flyer mileage or as he sells his "must-read book" that will surely be his ticket to the national networks and circuits, once again.

Be satisfied that if and when you should graduate from college--due to our Governor’s success-- there should be plenty of jobs at the local bookstore when that book is a best seller.  There will also be plenty of opportunities in the travel agencies when Bobby and Timmy take their team up north to work with their new friends.

For if Governor Jindal has his way, “Leadership and Crisis” will hit the jackpot and there will plenty of available jobs in Washington DC for his loyal supporters.  So just stop complaining.  Just join the movement.

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of

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Louisiana Gov. Jindal Issues Statement On LSU Student President's Request To Stay Home
Resign Louisiana Governor Jindal, Resign

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