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Al Copeland Foundation targets cancer with Krewe duCure fundraiser at Harrah's

lacosteMore people inflicted with the treacherous disease, cancer, are being cured than ever before.  

Medical science is getting closer but the cure is still far away.

Unfortunately, one of those cancer victims was Al Copeland Sr., creator of Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits fast food chain and a successful restaurateur.  Copeland began treatment in December 2007 and  died in Munich where he was seeking treatment, on Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008.  We was only 64 years old.

The Al Copeland Foundation, along with FirstNBC have partnered with LSU Health Science Center to raise funds to help defeat the condition that has killed millions.

 On Friday evening October 17, a special fundraiser is being held at Harrah's Casino to generate money for a specific cause.

Bayoubuzz's publisher, Stephen Sabludowsky, interviewed Jenny Lacoste via Google Hangout, spokesperson for the Foundation to discuss the history and purpose of  the foundation and to provide event details.  

BAYOUBUZZ: Good morning Jenny Lacoste and how are you doing today?

JENNY LACOSTE: Good morning doing great.  It's Thursday almost Friday and can't wait for the weekend. 

BAYOUBUZZ: Right absolutely now, Al Copeland Foundation and LSU have a really terrific event coming up tomorrow. 

JENNY LACOSTE: Tomorrow evening, the Al Copeland Foundation along with FirstNBC have partnered with the LSU Health Science Center to raise funds not only for local cancer research to keep those dollars local but to also purchase three pieces of equipment to speed up the process of cancer treatment. So that's what tomorrow is all about.

BAYOUBUZZ: First why don't you tell us about the foundation the Al Copeland Foundation--what is it, the purpose, when did it get started?

JENNY LACOSTE: In 2008, Al Copeland Senior passed away from cancer, it was a viral cancer and from their came the Al Copeland Foundation. since the start of the Al Copeland Foundation , the foundation has donated over $800,000 to cancer research.  We did find along with Cancer Crusaders  the $1 million endowed chairs for cancer research at LSU Health Science Center and more recently we have studied, started the should Copeland-LSU health science Center partnership in viruses, cancers and immuno-therapy. 

BAYOUBUZZ: So what is a viral cancer how does that differ, in lay terms

JENNY LACOSTE: What some of the doctors have discovered is that cancers are sstarting to stem from viruses.  LSU Health Science Center and have been doing tons of research   and they had equipment now that can do, let's say about 30 people,  you know, you have to have about 30 people for the machine to come up with that treatment.  Well with the new machines and equipment that we're raising funds for tomorrow at the Krewe  de Cure event, it's for one person to come in , they can study that cell they can study the cancer and they can come up with the personalized medicine for that one person.  Everyone's different every cancer is different. So they can come up with the targeted medicines--using this equipment  to target that medicine, to target that cell, to target that cancer in an more targeted way  to find a cure and cure that cancer.  

BAYOUBUZZ: Yes it sounds very very focused. Moving on in terms of this particular event tomorrow night, it's that Harrah's.  

JENNY LACOSTE: Yes it's at Harrah's Casino theater.  the cocktail hours start at 6:30 after that the soirĂ©e begins at 7:30 .  We have a special guest coming in, G. W. Bailey who is going to be our emcee and  host  for the evening.  We're going to have some amazing auction items. We have a 6000  dollar watch that Aucoin Hart has been donated to auction off in our jewelry raffle, we had some amazing art in Jackson Square art gallery, some amazing prizes in our parade of prizes, but we also have some delicious cuisines from our chefs who are going to be there.  Dalgado's  culinary students  along with Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro.  we have Scott Craig of Katie's and Michael  Sichel of Galatoire's, so there are many chefs that are coming in, lots of food lots of fun.  and James Andrews is going to be there as well providing the musical entertainment for the evening. 

BAYOUBUZZ: Sounds really delicious.  It really does.  So how would somebody who hasn't already purchased  tickets or what can they do?

JENNY LACOSTE: They can log on to and they can purchase their tickets there. They are 175 or 300 per couple .  So bring some friends.  We do have just a few tickets left so make sure you get online today purchase those tickets it's going to be a cocktail-attired event.  It's going to be a very nice event but the most important thing is to raise funds for these three pieces of equipment for LSU Health Science Center to further their research and  help those with cancer target their treatment.

BAYOUBUZZ: So how much money do you want to raise? 

JENNY LACOSTE: Well, of course, as much as possible we do need to get quite high on those dollar rankings. This equipment is very expensive  but it does benefit those with cancer, it benefits those doctors at LSU Health Science Center.  it benefits everyone who has been connected to cancer  in some sort of way. Everyone has been touched whether it is a family member, a friend, a coworker.  We've all been touch so raising as much money as we can not only for cancer research but for this equipment will further the process of changing the course of cancer and the definitely finding a cure to this disease. 

BAYOUBUZZ: So the website, again, they can go to to purchase the ticket?

JENNY LACOSTE: Alcopeland or you can visit us on Facebook at Al Copeland Foundation.  

BAYOUBUZZ: Sounds great and I sure hope that you raise a tremendous  amount of money.  Thank you so much

JENNY LACOSTE: Thank you very much  


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