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Monday, 08 November 2010 16:06
EPA Sec. Jackson Gulf Coast Restoration Event Gets Yeas, Nays
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Today, Lisa Jackson, Secretary of the EPA and the point person for helping to restore the Gulf of Mexico issued this statement on her Facebook page:

"In Pensacola, FL today for the 1st meeting of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force. We're meeting with nearly 300 folks from the region to discuss the work ahead. Millions of Americans rely on the Gulf for their well-being and their way of life and restoring it is an issue that cuts across party lines. This ...will be the 1st of many meetings as we set the restoration effort in motion."

Well, some Facebook readers like what Secretary Jackson posted, then, not everyone has responded with such enthusiasm:

Here are responses:

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    • Eli Underwood Don't kid yourself: you're just giving LIP SERVICE to people desperate for CHANGE while patting yourselves on the back and joking about football.
    • 3 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading... ·
    • RobynCricket West Lisa Jackson DOES NOT care about us OR our environment
    • 3 hours ago · LikeUnlike ·
    • Temwa T-street Musuka y'all lisa !... Good luck
    • 3 hours ago · LikeUnlike ·
    • Linda Ferry Pitts LISA = LIES!
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    • Mary Veglia Mobley Please listen to the people and be tolerant if they are upset. We have a lot of reason to be upset, and a lot of us don't feel well. (Must be all that "soap" - AKA dispersant - sprayed on us.)
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    • Jesi DiPalo How can you restore when they're still drilling and there is still no regulation?
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    • Merita Debbie Marble Blanchet
    • So the meeting is about ECO system and not health???? If you really want to do the job the President wants you to do you best learn to listen to the folks you work for....The coastal people... and other citizens of AMERICA.. People from all... up and down the coast came to that meeting today to get answers and issues addressed.. We will never be quiet and the economy will never get better along the coast until you all listen to all the issues.. We do not need to keep having different meetings for different issues.. The task force encompasses many agency's.. What is your problem with not addressing all issues??? We will just get louder and louder ...You cannot afford to not listen to us...The President will be hearing from MANY more of us...See More
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    • Merita Debbie Marble Blanchet Horse and Pony show huh Lisa?...What a way to start out a so called TASK FORCE!!!
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    • Laura Dikovsky Smith Very disappointed in reports coming from meeting! What is wrong w/you people. We figured out a long time ago that you don't care one iota about the people or creatures of the Gulf & that something sinister is up but you could at least show a tad of respect while down there & not joke about being there. Why did you even bother to go there? A PR stunt? People are getting really weary. The lies, the games, it all has to stop now!!!!!!!!
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    • Merita Debbie Marble Blanchet BY the way Ms Lisa EPA answer to no one but the President Jackson......Ecosystem's ARE ALL ABOUT HEALTH!!!!!! So address it!!! People are testing positive for VOC TOXINS... You represent US AND THE PRESIDENT and you sure are making him look VERY BAD to leave someone like you in charge of something so serious!! Doesn't help his image at all...
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    • Mary Clark RESIGN. LIAR
    • about an hour ago · LikeUnlike ·
    • Merita Debbie Marble Blanchet
    • The tactic being used at this meeting is very well known...responsible agencies and parties break up into groups and concerned individuals can speak to an individual at each group. Only a few individuals are allowed to ask questions in fro...nt of the whole assembly at the very beginning. The purpose is to dilute the impact of the questions as everyone was asking questions of each individual group and so not able to hear everything else that is going on. It can cause controlled chaos and damped down the participants. Also the media can not focus on any one subject either. And so now, well, well, well, what do u you know, they don't even let the media in. Really stupid as this allows the questioners the chance to hold their own press conference. I'm sure everybody will jump on that media/press opportunity if it becomes available. If not, there is always pressrelease@"whatever media outlet-fill in the blank".com right from your cell p...and TRUST ME!! It will be well utilized...
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    • Kim Moore Wanna deal with this lisa? Please............ E.P.A. Whistleblower, Mark Kaufman, Corexit Used In Gulf Oil Spill
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Also: Obama Adm,, Salazar Sets Drilling Guidance Post Deep Water Drilling Ban
Look beyond damage oil to restore Gulf -EPA chief
Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force Executive Order
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