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Thursday, 20 November 2014 10:44
Obama turning Landrieu, South red again
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HOUSE-OF-RED President Barack Obama is once again doing no favor for the Mary Landrieu for US Senate campaign.  Nor did he help his party during the November elections landslide.  

He will be making his executive order regarding immigration this evening.  In short, despite her efforts to present evidence that she has voted consistently to secure the borders, the president’s decision will only embarrass the US Senator at the worse moment as the decision resonates throughout the dark-red state.  Based upon the Congressional map post-Election day 2014,  one does not need to be color blind to know that his decision won't play well here as well in so many districts throughout the South (let me include East, North and West).

In America, Obama has become the Willie Horton of the 2010-2014 election cycle, but for a respite in 2012, Election Day.  In the conservative south, all any republican has needed to do to get elected has been to put up an Obama picture in their commercial and just watch the campaign funds trickle in and the polls climb.

While not disagreeing that much from Mary Landrieu’s controversial statement from last month, the fact that Obama is half-black has not helped him or other democrats in this state or in the South.  But, more than his skin color, his policies have caused for now, irreparable political damage to his party here and just about any place beneath the Mason-Dixon line.  Of course, after last month, his party did not do well anywhere, and arguably, race played even less than a dividing role for the mid-term political avalanche in federal and state governments.

In Louisiana, the president has been a “God-send for the pachyderms.

While the republicans began to make the gains prior to Katrina and while the absence of the traditional Democratic base took its toll after the storm, it was the Obama revolution that caused the almost-complete metamorphosis of a Democratic-controlled state into a Republican one.

Should Bill Cassidy, Dr. Ralph Abraham and Garret Graves succeed next month, as expected, there will be only one Democratic Statewide official in office, Cedric Richmond.  His presence is due to gerrymandering of Congressional Districts along with the federal governments’ efforts to create safe congressional seats for African Americans.

Going into 2015, the offices of the Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Insurance Commissioner and Treasurer will be Republican.  So will be the Speaker of the House and the Senate President, as well as the majorities in both houses.

Prior to the President inauguration in 2009, the Lt. Governor seat was filled with a democrat (Mitch Landrieu), the two state houses were majority-democratic and so was the Senate President’s chair.  In 2008, Jim Tucker became first republican House of Representatives Speaker in roughly 131 years.  He was selected when republican Bobby Jindal took over the mansion. 

All-in-all, the Louisiana Democratic Party has been eviscerated and whether one agrees with some or all of President Barack Obama’s agenda, it matters little.  Louisiana and the South has "rised" to one color again--Red.


You got to listen to this ditty played on Walton And Johnson about the career of Edwin Edwards:

Edwin Edwards song on Walton and Johnson



The Landrieu campaign has just released its latest campaign ad "Cool" which shows Cassidy making comments in a Google Hangout...Will it help? 



Donna Brazile @donnabrazile

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Report: Cannabis group endorses Bill Cassidy in Louisiana Senate race against Mary Landrieu theneworleansadvocate.com/news/state/108…

Julia O'Donoghue

The court takes up @BobbyJindal's #CommonCore lawsuit against the Feds today at 9:30. bit.ly/1F41lYm #lalege

LA Progress Action @LAProgressAct

On @BobbyJindal's refusal to expand Medicaid. “Political decisions have consequences, some of them lethal.” #lalege ow.ly/Eqhh0

LA Democratic Party @LaDemos

If Supreme Court rules against Obama administration, 250k LA residents could lose subsidies under Affordable Care Act ow.ly/EzJyJ

Cole Avery @cole_avery1

For @MaryLandrieu, winning back oil and gas support will be difficult #LASen nola.com/politics/index…

Deborah Berry @dberrygannett

Over in the @SenLandrieu camp,@CoryBooker, a Democratic rock star, will campaign for her in Shreveport this weeke

News @politicsRSS

Newsmax Youtube: America's Forum | Sen. Vitter talks about the Senate not approving the... bit.ly/1xtlV

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Bobby Jindal: I won’t be deterred in 2016 politico.com/story/2014/11/…

Quorum Call @QuorumCall

#Senate Conservative groups bombard Landrieu in runoff battle dlvr.it/7ZpX0Q @SenLandrieu

Larry Sabato @LarrySabato

Today's Crystal Ball: @kkondik says Bill Cassidy looks good in #LASen runoff vs. Mary Landrieu. Leans R→Likely R. centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/ar…

Edwin Edwards @EdwinWEdwards

Juror 68 follows Edwin Edwards congressional campaign | News | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, Louisiana theadvocate.com/news/10824471-…


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