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Boustany for Vitter, Team Jindal Iowa Opportunities; TOPS
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Senator David Vitter has just received the endorsement of another member of the Louisiana congressional delegation, Congressman Charles Boustany.  The Vitter campaign sent out the Congressman's endorsement, via an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., using the same email server as  The endorsement, in part said: 


(Photo: Timmy Teepell)

Every day I go to work for Louisiana I am reminded just how great our state is. Our values, culture, work ethic and determination are second to none.
There is one candidate in the race to be Louisiana’s next Governor who embodies our Louisiana spirit better than anyone; and that’s David Vitter.
Yesterday, in an email yesterday, the Jindal administration, once again, proved two things. First, it cannot to be able to tell a straight story if its life or career depended upon it.


An announcment yesterday afternoon was typical Jindal.

The Jindal press office sent an email stating that two of the top Jindal advisors were moving on to a new opportunities. In the press statement, Jindal announced a number of new staff appointments in the Governor’s Office "after Taylor Teepell and Matt Parker resigned to pursue new opportunities".

New Opportunities?  

You would think that Louisiana voters, who have been paying the quite substantial salaries of two young men with family ties to Timmy Teepell ( governor’s best friend and political pilot), would receive the scoop directly from the Jindal administration itself.  


Not this administration.

Instead, all the media and all the Louisiana public was told via the administration email was that these two "Friends of Bobby" were quitting their high-paying job at the Governor's executive table for "new opportunities", of some sort.  

Alas, if one searched a little deeper, the true story would emerge.  An Iowa newspaper had just reported that both Teepell and Parker, Timmy Teepell’s brother and brother-in-law, respectively, were not just pursuing some new career in elsewhere USA, but were sliding into the Jindal political apparatus for president.

If members of Team Jindal want to leave the state to work for Jindal for President, fine with me.  in fact, as things are going right now, the more, the merrier.  Also, he needs all the help he can in Des Moines.  However, it is quite amusing that we, in Louisiana, have to get our news about the fate of our state from an Iowa newspaper, while we get 3rd-rate poop from the governor's office.  

You would think they would have enough temerity to say in the press release something like, “Governor Jindal has appointed replacements for the close family members of Timmy Teepell, who have left the administration in favor of being heavily involved with the governor’s presidential efforts”.  Just why the governor can't disclose the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to his constituents is beyond me.  But, after 7 years, why would anyone expect things to change now?

Even more revealing—at a time that Louisiana is faced with a $1.6B deficit, two of the highest-ranking administration officials are taking off to aid the governor for the job he really wants, as we clean up his mess. 
And, just when it is getting fun.

The Louisiana Democratic Party released the following statement in response to Sen. David Vitter's appearance at Southern University on April Fools' Day:

“Senator Vitter expects us all to forget his anti-higher education and anti-civil rights record that now that he is running for governor,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “This is a man who just signed a letter opposing the President on Iran sanctions and collaborates with special interests like Grover Norquist to shut down the government. We shouldn’t trust anything he says or promise


Today, Senators Donahue and Appel joined The Taylor Foundation, Board of Regents, system presidents, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI), Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA), and other partners to announce important new legislation relative to TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students). Also known as Senate Bill 48 (SB 48), the proposed legislation would set a baseline tuition amount for each TOPS eligible student to receive.

“I am very pleased to work with the Taylor Foundation, specifically Mrs. Taylor, Dr. Caillier and Senator Appel on this legislation,” said Senator Jack Donahue, one of the authors of the bill. “This bill will allow qualified students to continue to receive the current level of tuition funding, unless that level is increased by future legislative action. By establishing a baseline tuition, future tuition increases will not be reflected in the state budget. This will allow the legislature to do a better job of predicting the overall cost of the TOPS program to the state. What is significant is that we have recognized the value of the TOPS program while protecting the state’s budget and the universities’ ability to manage their own tuition."

Senator Conrad Appel, who also serves as an author, believes that this bill will have long-term, positive effects. “The single most important function of state government is the education of our citizens. In conjunction with high standards, TOPS encourages our students to recognize the value of working hard and performing strongly in their educational efforts,” said Appel. “We must protect TOPS for future generations and that is what this bill is about.”

The four system presidents also conveyed their support for this proposal and TOPS. “Louisiana’s TOPS program is important
to the University of Louisiana System, as over half of all TOPS recipients attend one of our nine universities,” said Dr. Sandra
K. Woodley, UL System President. “We also share concerns with many over the rising cost of the program and the balance
of priorities for funding when the State is operating in a deficit. We are thankful to Senators Conrad Appel and Jack
Donahue for authoring legislation that will begin to address these issues.”

Present law allows the amount of the TOPS award to be determined by the cost of the institution. The proposed law would
allow the Legislature to set the baseline amount, and in subsequent years the Legislature could vote to increase the amount
awarded in any given year. If such an increase should occur, this amount will become the new baseline tuition amount that
will be awarded.

The proposed bill is not only beneficial to the legislature, but the higher education community as well. Commissioner
Joseph C. Rallo said that the Board of Regents wholeheartedly supports TOPS, but that higher education must be able to
leverage tuition separate from TOPS. “This Legislation would allow higher education to better plan and manage its
finances. In the past, TOPS awards have been a rising figure in higher education budgets. This legislation will allow for an
annual definitive amount for TOPS scholarship awards so that institutions and students will be able to plan accordingly.”

Joseph C. Rallo said that the Board of Regents wholeheartedly supports TOPS, but that higher education must be able to
leverage tuition separate from TOPS. “This Legislation would allow higher education to better plan and manage its
finances. In the past, TOPS awards have been a rising figure in higher education budgets. This legislation will allow for an
annual definitive amount for TOPS scholarship awards so that institutions and students will be able to plan accordingly.”

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