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Pinsonat: Jindal can help avoid crash, but, fix conflicts with his Prez agenda
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jindal-louisiana-pinsonat-budgetLouisiana is on a crash course this legislative year to disaster.  According to Bernie Pinsonat, pollster political and analyst, the budget hole is too deep this year.

Pinsonat said in a recent interview with Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of Bayoubuzz that It will take shared sacrifice and an effort by the governor.  But, will the governor be a player?  What if he is not?

 Below is the last part of the Bernie Pinsonat interview in this series of “Bernie Burns.  Below is the transcription and audio of this segment

SABLUDOWSKY: I think that the parents, the public certainly cares about tuition for their kids, I think they care about the coastline, and taking money from the coastline to pay for education, healthcare. They care about their hospitals being open or closed, they care about jobs in New Orleans with the University Hospital not opening, they care about the film industry going in a different direction, I think that each one of us care, about, at least something and I think it is you're pointing out, something is going to be taken away from everybody in order to make this work. That is shared sacrifice in some way.

PINSONAT: Somebody, the legislature, the media, you and myself and every body else is going to have to stand up and say there's got to be shared responsibility, we can't get out of this, this hole, this time, it's so deep that with got to find some revenue and the approaches got to be everybody has got to share in the pain and suffering. You can't go to any one industry, or group or somebody who has sheltered in their income from the state collecting it, you can't do one or two of these areas, it's got to be a shared approach.

SABLUDOWSKY: The problem is, the problem is that we don't have the leader-- the leader is up in the Fox News studio or elsewhere; we'll have to see. There needs to be a leader to make that argument.  We don't have it and we'll see what emerges.

PINSONAT: Well, it would be nice but I don't think whether he is or he isn't is nice but it doesn't matter right now. Whether it's Jindal or the committee chairmanships, the house, the Senate President or the speaker of the house--somebody has got to do it. Whether Jindal leaves a vacuum and Jindal's popularity in Louisiana, of course, is not strong, I don't think his popularity is strong enough to get a lot done. He can get a lot done with the legislature if he decides to be an active player but some of it is in conflict with his national agenda and that's the problem. But I don't think that legislators that I'm talking to are worried about Jindal. They have a job to do, they've got to get reelected, they're responsible for state government, they're responsible for the state employees and their responsible for those universities to remain open--so.

PINSONAT: Let me tell you what they can't do. The can't say "Well, I'm going to do nothing because we don't have a governor".  

SABLUDOWSKY: Of course not. My point is that if you are shared shared sacrifice something I don't think Louisiana voters really care that much about because it means taxes, it means raise revenues and you need a leader out there being a proponent of that, and if you don't have a leader being a proponent, yea, you have, you have a lot fragmented conversations and promotions. So, that's really the point that I'm making

PINSONAT: Yeah, it's a valid point and if Jindal is perceived not to be included, if Jindal is not involved, or if Jindal can't help, it certainly has the potential to impact his legacy, and if it's bad enough down here, I don't think, and  I've always said, I don't think that Jindal can afford to let the system crash and have any kind of, the repercussions nationally will certainly impact him.  Look, he's running for president, and he doesn't want things to crash and burn in Lo0uisiana, that's not how you run for president, be involved in the presidential campaign on the Republican primaries. You cannot let that happen if you're Jindal. Then you have your legislative leadership, So Jindal does't have a choice but to be part of this process.  If he wasn't running for president, and he was tired of politics and he was getting out, that would be one thing. But he is running for president.  He has to avoid a disaster back home, because, I don't see, it certainly would damage his national image and make it--the question will be--if it's that bad in Louisiana, why are you running for president because--there would be charges that he mismanaged the state and all of those negative things.  So Jindal doesn't have a lot of choice in this. He's got to hope, he's got be involved, to make sure that something does happen and he's got to be involved in it or I don't see how it doesn't damage his national ambitions

SABLUDOWSKY: Well we shall see, we shall see.  okay Bernie, Bernie Pinsonat, thank you so much

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