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What happened to Jindal's exploratory committee fundraiser church picture?
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jindal-exploreWhat happened to the Jindal camapign fundraising picture with his standing in a church, with his back partially to us?   

Yesterday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal sent me (and perhaps you) an email fundraising blast announcing that he and his wife Supriya, continue to think and pray “about whether to run for President. We'll make a final decision sometime in June, once our legislative session is over here in Louisiana”.


The blast had a number of links directed to Jindal standing in the church.  

Personally, I thought it was a little crass, politically, for someone to be using a religious venue as a background image announcing a presidential exploratory committee and requesting campaign money.  

But, I guess that is just me.

However, Jindal’s campaign has been focused upon “religious liberty” as a major theme.  I assume, he or someone in his campaign figured showing him inside of a church would cause the donors to quickly click and empty their digital wallets  more frequently and deeper than if  Jindal was standing, say, in the legislative well.  

However, today, to my surprise, when clicking the same links, I was directed to Jindal speaking outdoors.  He was holding a microphone.    

The announcement was sent under the logo of “Bobby Jindal exploratory committee”.  The announcement did not state where he obtained the email list--whether it bought the list from his state campaign or his non-profit organization or SuperPac or some other source.  

But, in the land of politics, it appears that those email lists go from one campaign to another whereas in the "real world" businesses must grow their lists, one email at a time. 

Anyway, in his email, Jindal also said:

Some folks who are talking about running for President seem only to be interested in which consultants they can hire or what the latest polls are saying.

I've been spending my time thinking about what the next President needs to actually do in office.

If I run for President, my candidacy will be based on the idea that the American people are ready to try a dramatically different direction.

Not a course correction, but a dramatically different path.

President Obama has started to redefine the American Dream, turning it into a European Nightmare of government dependency. But it's not too late.

This can be fixed by a President who has real, detailed conservative policy solutions for the problems that our country faces – and the backbone to make those tough decisions.

As honorary chairman of America Next, I've published detailed plans to repeal and replace Obamacare, rebuild our national defense, make America energy independent, and reform education for our children.

 And now I've launched an exploratory committee that will help me to decide whether to seek our party's nomination for President.

Will you stand with me? Please make a donation of $20.16 today so I know I'll have your support. Together, we can restore the American Dream.



P.S. One supporter from Florida made a contribution of only $5 yesterday, just to tell me that she had my back. Will you join with her and do the same?

The email contained four hyperlinks to a webpage requesting contributions up with a designation including $2,700 in intervals of “one time” up to “monthly”.

The contribution page said at the top with a picture of Jindal speaking to an audience showing his side and back:


Are you in?

Show Bobby that you’ve got his back. Chip in today.

As to why the image on the donation page of the website has been changed from Jindal standing in a church showing us his side and back--to today's image, his speaking outside  in front of a group--is unknown. 

I wonder if we'll see it back up.


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