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Louisiana Governor candidate Scott Angelle talks Jindal, budget, SAVE Act

angelleIf Scott Angelle ere elected governor this fall, how would he distinguish himself from the current  governor, Bobby Jindal?  What would be the one thing he would focus upon to make a difference to Louisiana?  Does he support the the controversial SAFE Act, passed by the Louisiana legislature that enabled the state to budget the budget that starts July 1 2015?

Current Public Service Commissioner and Louisiana Gubernatorial candidate  Angelle has a long history serving his community and Louisiana.  He was Secretary of Natural Resources under democratic governor Kathleen Blanco and under current Governor  Jindal.   Jindal appointed him to be interim  Lt. Governor to fill the seat vacated by Mitch Landrieu, who had become New Orleans Mayor.   The governor then appointed Angelle to the LSU Board of Supervisors.  He then won the seat for Public Service Commissioner. 

 Unquestionably, it would seem logical that he would have some loyalty to Jindal.  The governor, however, ready to become a candidate for President of the United States, is at his lowest ebb of his own popularity, with roughly only a mere quarter of Louisiana voters viewing his performance favorably. 

Louisiana publisher Stephen Sabludowsky interviewed Angelle on Wednesday after a gubernatorial debate in Westwego Louisiana.  

Here is the transcript of the short interview.  You can click on the link to watch the specific excerpt or watch the short video. 

I think I want to know, I think a lot of people want to know and I think that you addressed a little bit today, how would you be different from the current governor, who you served, and quite frankly, who helped you with your career, which makes it a little bit more difficult?

I would simply say this, I've had the pleasure of serving two governors, a Democrat and a Republican, I got started in my political career at an early age, at age 25. I got first elected before the current governor had a drivers license. So, current, there's no question that in my efforts in terms of what I have done has been something that  has been part of who I am and where I'm from and I appreciate the opportunity for people to make those comparisons, they have made a variety of comparisons to even other governors as well. But I'll continue to speak for myself, be myself and lead from myself.


Of all of the things you would like to do to make a real difference in the state of Louisiana, what would it be, meaning--putting other things aside, what would it be so when you left office, people would remember you for that one thing?

Well, the thing that we need to do, which is not a sexy glamorous thing that people remember you for. What people remember you for is the buildings and those kind of things. But that is not what we need to focus on.  I think we need to focus on is the thing that people want remember us on, which is the thing that we actually need the most and that's to reform our budget and taxing issue. Again, it's not sexy, it's not glamorous, but all good things flow from that decision. All good things flow from that opportunity. We've had fire drill after fire drill over the last 25 years. Again it's one more mid year budget cut. And I believe that this state is starving for the opportunity to correct some of those structural issues that we have. How can it be that we have the highest non-farm employment that we ever had, the highest gross domestic product that with ever had, yet yield a $1.6 billion deficit. Clearly, something is structurally wrong and we need to fix those structural deficits.


Some people think that it was a scam and the governor feels like he balanced the budget through it, was anything good about the Save Act in your opinion?

The Save Act was unnecessary.  It certainly reminded of a little bit of Harlem Globetrotters basketball where it was behind the back through the legs to get the basketball in the hoop, I don't think it was necessary, I think we needed more of a debate on real solutions, real problems and real people and certainly I believe that anybody who's elected governor will certainly remove the Save Act from the books and get rid of

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