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Friday, 10 July 2015 12:28
Summer Parties; LaGOP slap Peterson; Dems snip at Jindal, Vitter
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dems-gopNow that the Louisiana legislative process is almost over and the election season is in its summer heat, the Louisiana Democratic Party and the Louisiana Republican Parties are beginning to heat up their campaign machines for the upcoming big election push.


Earlier this week, the LAGOP swatted at Karen Carter Peterson, the Chairperson of the Democratic Party for one of her tweets criticizing Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  In short, the Executive Director of the Republican Party Jason Dore noted that the democrat had accused Jindal for making a statement concerning the confederate flag which he apparently  not in fact make.  Dore turned the Peterson tweet into a democratic party “act of desperation”.  The Louisiana Democratic Party, only a decade ago, controlled virtually all statewide offices, now controls none, nor does it control the Louisiana legislature, which it had done for decades. 

The GOP response, defending Jindal, was one of the very first emails by the party over the past few months.  Jindal, who is running for US President, has been very unpopular in Louisiana and members of his own party have openly disagreed with the governor concerning the enormous $1.6B budget which was filled primarily due to raising over 700 million dollars in taxes on businesses.

Today, the Louisiana Democratic  Party has taken a shot at the GOP leader in the current gubernatorial election, US Senator David Vitter and once again, Bobby Jindal.   The demos focus upon the money being spent by Louisiana taxpayers to further the respective Jindal and Vitter campaigns.

Interesting, to note, however, the Louisiana Democratic Party claims that started its attack by stating “As their respective campaigns for still-higher office limp along, both Gov. Bobby Jindal and Sen. David Vitter…”.  While the party might be correct regarding Jindal’s presidential efforts as he is dead last in most polls, Vitter is not.  In fact, Vitter is currently first in all polls, although there is a recent  survey indicating the democratic candidate, Jon Bel Edwards, is positioned to be in a runoff and could actually beat Vitter assuming a variety of factors including large African American turnout, which did not occur in the most recent US Senate race of November 2014.   

Below are the respective press releases from the democrats and the gop:

As their respective campaigns for still-higher office limp along, both Gov. Bobby Jindal and Sen. David Vitter continue to abuse the privileges of their elected positions, sucking taxpayer funds and resources to prop up their fading political prospects. Jindal, who remains hopelessly mired in the bottom rungs of the GOP field, has spent the overwhelming bulk of his tenure as Louisiana governor ignoring the needs of his constituents and slavishly courting the favor of out-of-state interests--- all to no avail. Little wonder that his campaign relies on subsidies from state taxpayers to cover everything from travel abroad to attacking fellow Republicans in the press.

Like Jindal, Vitter has been largely missing in action when it comes to doing the people’s business for Louisiana families, skipping nearly a quarter of the Senate’s roll call votes this spring to spend his time campaigning. Meanwhile he’s abusing taxpayer resources to hold thinly veiled campaign events under the guise of Senate “field hearings.” His abuse of Senate “franking” privileges to avoid paying mail costs is so well known as to nearly escape mention in the press. But the voters of Louisiana are paying attention, and with every new poll Vitter’s fortunes are falling.

“Jindal and Vitter are both running doomed campaigns,” said Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, Chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “But given the economic damage their failed policies have done to Louisiana, it adds insult to injury that they are relying on what amounts to ‘campaign welfare’ and forcing Louisiana families to pick up the tab for their vanity.”

GOP press release, July 8

Newsflash: Democrat Chair Bashes Jindal for Something He Didn't Do

Senator Karen Carter Peterson, Chairman of the Louisiana Democrat Party, today tweeted a quote from Governor Bobby Jindal. The only problem: Jindal never said it. The quote was from a parody site on the web that Peterson thought was real.

Here is Peterson's tweet:


It's no newsflash that the Democrat Party is bashing Governor Jindal for things he didn't do. That's been going on for some time. While the Dems have complained about the Jindal record, the Governor and the Republican-led Louisiana Legislature have cut the state budget by 26% in real dollars over 7 years. State government has 30,000 fewer employees. And Governor Jindal has been 100% reliable on traditional marriage, the Second Amendment, protecting the unborn and education reform.

"It's a good day in Louisiana if the Democrats are focused on anything other than trying to keep children trapped in failing schools," LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré said. "That seems to be their mission, so if they want to waste more time attacking Republicans for things we didn't do and for saying things we didn't say, that's fine. A brief look at Louisiana's political environment shows that the voters aren't buying what they're selling any more," Doré said.

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