HealthCareDebateWhat will happen on the Day that Obamacare dies?  Will we have health insurance?  If not, will doctors be able or willing to treat patients?

Sounds like absurd questions, don't they?

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healthinsurancemarketplacePerhaps, one of the most popular yet controversial components of the Affordable Care Act is the tax credit to help pay for health insurance premiums.

Some believe the tax credit program is misuse of government money.

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benjamin-compressedIn the view of some Americans, Obamacare is a government-controlled, top-down radical healthcare policy that will bankrupt the nation, hurt healthcare delivery, build a growing population of dependent-Americans--with only those able to pay health insurance footing the bill.

In the view of other Americans, the Affordable Care Act is a law extending medical care to a larger population of Americans, reducing costs and helping to make the country healthier.

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Jindal-Meet-the-pressRepublished from www.kingfish.com

This isn’t parody. Bobby Jindal welcome CGI Federal, the company responsible for the total meltdown that was the first month of the Affordable Care Act launch.

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Health reformSince the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, more than 8 million Americans have enrolled.

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The GOP race to demonize Obama
Friday, 21 February 2014 08:42

obama-brother2The American political system has traditionally exemplified the fundamental principles of democracy.  It is a system that Americans take pride in, and among other things enables them to promote their country as the leader of the free world. However, America's political system is not perfect, as it does not prevent those we elect from abusing and undermining it. Such abuse is currently playing out with the current Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

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pinocchio1Written by Lamar White Jr., publisher of CenLamar

Way back in 2008, Politico columnist and part-time Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed the controversial Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA) into law. For those who may be unfamiliar, the LSEA allows public school science teachers the ability to lie to students about science. It’s an insidious, absurd, and likely unconstitutional law that undermines the integrity of Louisiana public education in order to advance and legitimize Christian dominionism. It was written by a creationist “think tank” based out of Seattle. And it was enacted, perhaps ironically, by Bobby Jindal, a Rhodes Scholar with a degree in Biology from an Ivy League school.

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HealthCareDebateThe Affordable Care Act has been vilified and lionized. The healthcare law, otherwise called Obamacare, has had more snags than an old sock. The website rollout was a failure. The politics surrounding the drafting, legislating, and implementing of the bill and then the law has been an utterly unmitigated disaster.

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HealthCareDebateOne of the major issues arising out of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) debate is its complexity.

As the law’s opponents have often argued, the law is made up of thousands of pages and even more thousands of rules that few have read and which no one seems to understand.

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trash-dcGovernment shutdown: Trashy, disgusting, putrid and intolerable.

I could probably think of other words that describe what is going on in Washington DC and throughout the nation, but, these are the three that come to mind, for now.

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