Louisiana News & politics focus on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana legislature

fake news acostaFor eight years, the elite members of our national news media treated Barack Obama as a conquering hero, a political superstar who overcame racism and intolerance to become our first African American President. The vast majority of our media heavyweights idolize the President and agree with his liberal policies. Instead of tough questions, they offered him a regular dose of pathetic softballs at his news conferences. In fact, real journalists should be embarrassed at the deferential treatment he received during his two terms in office.  

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trump cnnFree speech versus what might be considered by some, vulgar speech, is again on display today.  And, of course, it relates to Donald Trump.

ColorOfChange, the nation’s largest online civil rights organization, has driven nearly 20,000 emails to CNN president Jeff Zucker and Executive Vice President for Talent Amy Entelis calling on them to immediately terminate paid analysts Jeffrey Lord and Andy Dean for their steadfast support and promotion of Donald Trump’s increasingly violent and racist message.  

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jindal-perryLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal received more bad news as the Louisiana legislature plows through committees trying to figure out a way to fix the budget which problems certainly must be impacting the presidential hopeful’s crusade for the White House.

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Since she burst on the national scene in 2008, the national media has enjoyed poking fun and mischaracterizing former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her family. The main reason for their obsession is that Palin is an unabashed conservative who is articulate and popular with millions of Americans.

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Will CNN Fox Up after Piers Morgan debacle?
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 13:21

piersGoodbye Piers, you condescending British jerk! After three insufferable years, the anti-gun crusader has finally been forced out as the host of the coveted 8 p.m. (CST) weekday slot on CNN.

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obama-whistleIs the Obamacare website, healthcare.gov fixable or should the Obama administration blow the whistle on it by deferring the rollout?

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piersWhen Larry King was forced from his prime time perch on CNN, the network bosses made a horrible decision. They replaced him with former tabloid editor Piers Morgan, a British national who has a horrible history in journalism.

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   ROMNEY-JINDAL-2012-2  At one of several fundraisers in Louisiana for Mitt Romney, the presidential candidate, being a wild and crazy guy, had a little fun with Gov. Bobby Jindal.


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Jindal-collageDear friends, Dear Bobby, Dear fellow Republicans and Dear fellow Democrats,  

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margaret-hoover2Now that the US elections are over, President Obama bested Mitt Romney, and the people have spoken regarding the congressional makeup, how is the GOP, which many believe took a beating on Tuesday, going to pick up the pieces and be competitive once again?


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