Dems, GOP hold hands and sing!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 19:40

Congressional leaders from both parties hold hands and sing "We Shall Overcome" at a commemoration ceremony.

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Meet Dems' billionaire supporter
Friday, 20 June 2014 04:31

Jake Tapper takes a look at the hedge fund billionaire who might be providing political campaign funds for the Democrats.

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cassidy-maness In an e-mail, Col. Rob Maness’s campaign manager Michael D. Byrne writes that “the choice in the Louisiana Senate race is becoming clearer and clearer.” He argues that Bill Cassidy misrepresented the NorthShore Republican Men’s Club Meet the Press Dinner as a “meet and greet” for himself on Facebook. This choice, Byrne asserts, is evidence of “the stark contrast between the politicians and the people.” Unlike Cassidy, Maness, he writes, supported and valued the efforts of his local Republican Club, asking his campaign staff to promote the event to area Republicans.

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The figure is above the Government's target of 7 million. Republicans were against the Act from the beginning and their demand to repeal the law heightened when there were initial hiccups in enrolment. The website showed some technical snags and there were problems during registration in the first few months. All these had demoralised the Democrats who thought the result would directly reflect in the mid-term election in November 2014.

healthcare reform1-300x225Media bias strikes again?

According to a Baton Rouge group of democrats, the answer is "yes", but in a way it is calling the "untold story"

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The political scene has plenty to discuss today as the oil and gas industry has filed suit against Louisiana AG Buddy Caldwell, the Democratic Party (at least throughout the nation, but likely not in Louisiana) seem to support Democrats handling much of government, except for the all-important economy and Tea Party favorite Rob Maness has taken a shot against his competition Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy on the flood insurance disaster issue.

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bloodWith Congress and the White House still negotiating over whether to keep government open, the public relations campaigns continue to attract the eyes and minds of the Louisiana voters.

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divorceThe fallout from the government shutdown debacle has been devastating to the Republican Party. Poll results show the party is viewed negatively by 70% of the American people. In addition, Congress has only a 5% approval rating, the lowest in history. While Democrats control the Senate and are also unpopular, the media has focused their blame for the shutdown on the Republican Party.

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congressThe shutdown of the federal government is coming.

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Lacapitol-red-blueRepublicans Congratulate
The Louisiana republican Party has issued a statement applauding their efforts along with a conservative coalition business groups, the Jindal administration and lobbyists to repel the coalition of Republican fiscal conservatives and Democratic leaders to compromise on the budget.


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