It seems that the financial press has warmed to the idea that investing in the kind of dividend-paying value stocks we favor at The Prudent Speculator is not a bad idea. With many heretofore high-flying, richly priced stocks having fallen back to earth, it was nice to see The Wall Street Journal penning columns over the last few days entitled Value Stocks Head Higher as Growth Companies Look Pricy and More Investors Are Drawn to Dividends, especially as we just released an updated version of our Value of Dividends Special Report last month.

superdome-darkIn a press statement released on its website today, Entergy New Orleans announced the cause of the now infamous Super Bowl 47 blackout which caused half of the Superdome stadium to be without lights.


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landrieu-press-superbowl-webcastDespite growing criticism by some of the blackout that marred what appears to be a near-perfect Super Bowl week by the City of New Orleans, Mayor  Mitch Landrieu, area leaders, Super Bowl and city officials put their best face forward praising one another for a job well done.


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pumpkinHappy Halloween ya'll.

As we take a look at LoRead Moreuisiana organizations today, our hearts go out to those in need who have been devastated by the recent Hurricane/tropical storm Sandy.  Now, for our not-for-profits..today's news focuses upon the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, St. Paul's Homecoming, Hurricane Isaac, Braithwaite, and Teacher's Rock.  Here are the respective news stories and press releases:


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